The factor of keywords ranking chain and method of exposing Links deception

2, exchange chain, should see the following:

2, the higher the weight of the site better

4, Links

three, Links, this is the most important. But need to pay attention on the lot. In recent years, many owners use the link to deceive.

There are 3 I do

1), the website ranking is good (i.e., weight),,.

3, pure text links, it is not possible to click on the link.

, not nofollow, because if with this attribute in the A tag, then the site will not give you the weights of the site transfer.

2, click on the URL, for example: 贵族宝贝yangsheng52贵族宝贝/;


2, this form of the chain is not good hair too much, too much will make ends meet. Now love Shanghai foreign chain algorithm is very mature.

, a form 1 and form 2 must be outside the chain of the best good, need to pay attention to the following points:

chain mainly exists in three forms:

1, the form of link on the high weight of the site will have little effect, but basically useless in low weight site. In this paper, a connection effect estimation is equivalent to 500-1000 times of it.

Many a little make a mickle.

connection, such as: convenient health network;


1, in the relevant content on the website

two, 3 is not too obvious, but also a little effect of

by Shanghai Longfeng for so many years, summed up the specific function of the four chain of the rankings.

1, now many people use PR value holding techniques, causing the site PR is very high, but the website and daily updates are not how. So, I personally recommend when you exchange Links to see the value of PR is too important.

2), fell in love with the sea site the amount included is high;

keywords ranking mainly has two factors: the structure of the site and the chain. The website structure here I will not say more. I said here, the importance of the chain website ranking.

The The chain effect of

3), updated daily and weekly is

last year love Shanghai algorithm adjusted, many stations are K, mostly due to the content is collected, waste too much the chain. But many people feel some websites do not still have the chain ranking. I want to say is that no chain website ranking is normal. But it will not be too good, too many keywords ranking.

1, click on the text of the

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