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now we are talking about the website content, original and important, how to fill in the content of the website is a very important technique to live. We care about how to add value to the site.

if you have a web site traffic, almost did not update, than the long-term update, no traffic site is much better, now love Shanghai trying to guide us to do, how to understand the user experience, user experience, first you have to have the user experience, user experience reflected from where that is reflected from the user. So the flow is crucial to the long tail keywords tube, how to collect the long tail keywords, give me tips here, you can love from the Shanghai encyclopedia, you want all the keywords to find the industry.

3, love Shanghai particularly in love with traffic to the website

1, select a good

If you have the ability to achieve the best

, the site of the internal links > 5

server is very important

2, website content is very important

now mention Shanghai Longfeng to at least can let a person feel the pain, why, because they can not see hope, they pursuit is always ranking, Shanghai dragon is actually beginning to what ah, in order to better adapt to the search engine indirectly improve the ranking, is to improve the readability, practical, just we are behind the distorted. Do you want to go to the Shanghai dragon understanding from six aspects below, to think about

this is either from the search engines, or from the user experience is essential. Imagine ourselves as a visitor, I click on your website regularly open, obviously the next time I won’t come, also for the search engines, their role is the most relevant, the best website to provide the search, then your server is not stable, the result is no


, allowing users to generate their own articles, this is the direction of future development, we will be competing in their content is limited, only allow users to generate their own articles, it is the right way, an example of this, 114 network standard. This is a trademark search website, it is a typical example of the article, let users, as long as you go to this website, your query results automatically generate the article page, if things go on like this effect is very obvious.

4, website volume is very important

, for example, if you want to make your site 100W traffic, then your website, at least included more than 500W, and of course your site included bigger, included more keywords, then over the flow will be more, if you have doubt, can see the legal website is love, motionless, the flow of Shanghai millions. Why? If they are included, qianwanji, cloth million level how many keywords ah, please think about

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