The chain construction site after Shanghai Longfeng drainage work

of course, you can also choose in some of the larger love Shanghai high weight >

common chain construction method of drainage

back to the topic, some people may ask, to write a good article to be published where? Of course is to release related to the content on your site or forum is in the community, but note that is not what this forum forum will do, at least to a certain size, posts to ensure to have a certain amount of access, if the majority of this forum are ads posted, you do not need here, the hair is also no one, no one to see you hair is

What is the chain of !

simple point, there is a link to your site outside the chain is on another site, then the user can enter your site through this link.

"content is king, the chain for the emperor, the chain for the princess, the code for will, for keywords, structure for city, updated for the prince," this is a classic Shanghai dragon in a old saying, today we have to talk about some problems related to the construction of the chain.

soft Wen promotion

for example, the website is your home, you just moved into this place, no one around you know, people outside do not even know you, your daily to do a lot of delicious food at home, but you are the only one person to eat, very lonely, you want to share with others, but no so, how to make your home more and more people know, to let them know your way home, then go to your home to taste your delicious food? We need to make friends, as a web site, is to do the chain construction work.


we love Shanghai in the use of search for a keyword, as long as the relevant content of the love of Shanghai products, will appear in the front of the search results, so that is the highest exposure, but if the search results have a link to your site, I think the effect is self-evident.

‘s love has many products in Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai, such as love know love experience, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love of Shanghai, the head of the community library in Shanghai, Shanghai SkyDrive Post Bar love love… These are all common, but also love Shanghai product for the best tools to build the chain of drainage, how use these tools to drainage, after the time when I will explain in detail one by one.


1, Shanghai love

to write a good article, then go out more often than you have all the spam chain effect is much better, often seen on the network some poster, I thought why, fool 13 can see this is a broken advertising, some less experienced person point would point, but I like this too much advertising, there is a certain experience, even if you do not point in how attractive advertising, know that you are in X, suggest that you don’t go to the point that advertising is really a waste of youth wasted time.

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