Shanghai dragon year old Shanghai dragon Zac recent badcase conjecture

I guess: the site is a large number of spam links; when BSG is K, users have found this phenomenon, found that even today query are more than 900 such spam links "I am doing advertising…" We all know, Shanghai is still relatively to love hate spam links. Don’t know who have a grudge against Zac Shanghai dragon and BSG, made so much garbage, Zac in the forum also said "welcome to my blog spam links to Shanghai dragon experiment, I am willing to sacrifice." Don’t link people just a behavior art, with which several stations do

and the webmaster guess is "Taiwan", but the reason is not fatal, many forums related to "Taiwan" posts are not enough to explain what this. The Zac blog has been a natural development, natural ranking is also rising, as for this condition, "

guess two: site title and abstract change; Zac quiet under the silence: "want to live long, away from the Shanghai dragon", ha ha. A few days ago the title also shows rankings is love Shanghai and Google’s perennial Old "in Shanghai or Shanghai dragon love Google search, I perennial third", today will become "old perennial fall". Does the search engine is this sentence title to hurt? Content also made changes, "Taiwan Tour" this post to the display output from the text. No matter what the site, change the title is bound to cause the attention of the search engines, or even drop right, review site. Zac and change the title, just do a little experiment.


today "Shanghai dragon" search results as follows, BSG ranked sixth.



to do the most important experience of Shanghai dragon, find the solution from the various phenomena and conditions, and slowly accumulated experience. The author is engaged in this line for more than a year, that is updated daily halfway, send the chain is very boring. But in dealing with the search engine, and will encounter Guaixiang own site, try to solve the process is a kind of fun. In order to rank in order to flow often also recently started reading network cudgel thinking, marketing books, books Zac feel really good. Speaking of Zac, Zac and BSG to often focus on who may know something happened one after another recently, first in November 11th Robin Baidu guide贵族宝贝 ranked Shanghai dragon disappeared, November 18th was restored. While the recovery of the Zac on the day of Shanghai dragon’s ranking is down. The webmaster of this matter is also a variety of speculation, as for the reason, I guess the following points, we can discuss, wait for Zac announced the real reason.



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