Five experience from the site into the sandbox

5) website can not use black hat cheating — some owners love to play some black hat optimization, for example by hanging trojan in some government website to get high quality external links, because it can in a short time to make our site get higher weight, so as to enhance the site in the search engine the ranking, if there is no love found in Shanghai fortunately, once found naturally without being put into the sandbox inspection, therefore, the webmaster want to site to avoid entering the love Shanghai box, when the website optimization is best not to cheat! "

sandbox owners are not so understanding, the so-called love is because Shanghai sandbox in Shanghai Longfeng site involved in the process of cheating, or caused by the website snapshot update, included is normal, but the key words on the site are competitive ranking suddenly no ranking, this is we love Shanghai sandbox owners said, there are many reasons caused by the phenomenon of love Shanghai sandbox, to introduce the following five preventive measures I get into the sandbox after

3) not frequent changes to the site because compared to other domestic those search engines, love Shanghai for change is the most sensitive site, when it found your site with the last visit time is not the same, it will be on your site to make some punishment, therefore, the site without affecting the user, or the search engine spiders visit, it is best not to easily change the webmaster website, especially the web site keywords, and even punctuation marks are not, or only involved site punished, on the site without the slightest help

1) as much as possible to ensure a stable space — for most of us the webmaster, most likely to lead to the website by the factors of love Shanghai discipline is the host of the problem space, so, after we found space host sites using a problem, must as soon as possible to solve the problem of it, if it is not the way to solve so, then we can only buy a new space, then the problem of space to replace, anyway, it is not because of space issues caused the site to be punished

into the sandbox love Shanghai!

2) – Shanghai dragon optimization the most taboo is excessive site optimization, website optimization can not be over so webmaster is best not to a sudden increase in the chain is too much, not too much Links exchange in a short period of time, otherwise the site will be very vulnerable to love Shanghai love the light punishment. Shanghai does not update or is not included, while the site was K or

as like as two peas on the line! For most of the love Shanghai! love Shanghai!


4) to ensure the quality of the content owners — if the owners do not want to love the Shanghai site was punished, but do not want to be in love with Hella into sand box, every day the best time to write the original content, if it is not written, it should be on the acquisition or reproduced the contents to make changes such as changes under the title of the content, or content of the following paragraphs can not, anyway as long as with the original content for

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