Give some suggestions and guidelines for beginners Shanghai Dragon

2, select keywords, keyword selection should be competitive small, a lot of people search keywords. Keyword selection is very important, because you will become your work center of Shanghai dragon.

2, Shanghai dragon tools, these tools will need to point out that the web >

how to learn Shanghai Longfeng optimization? Learning search engine optimization need to have what qualities and skills? For the best way to learn the Shanghai dragon or in practice, learning the successful experience of predecessors. The following is the Shanghai dragon learning list list is sure of search engine optimization experience.

based optimization of Shanghai Longfeng what? Here are some experiences of Shanghai dragon industry’s most successful people, hope to also have the help to you.

Shanghai dragon

beginners guide introduced basic knowledge of search engine optimization, as long as the foundation to optimize the site, for the website ranking to take a decisive role, often a lot of Shanghai dragon er for basic optimization site are not ready.

, for beginners to learn search engine optimization must know matters.

The use of

1, learn how to build a basic website. In depth study of Shanghai Dragon technology, it is important to understand the basic knowledge of Web development. Familiar with how to use the code editor of a basic website, don’t be afraid of the word code, written in HTML is easier than you think much, of course, the div+css must also be familiar with.

5, Google registered to analyze and verify your site. This free tool allows you to access your site tracking.

the next step is to learn how to learn Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon sword of the basic application technology to the website optimization process, will let you know the search engine optimization, and can help improve the website ranking.

1, registered Google webmaster tools, check and read everything. The administrator tool will tell you anything noble baby BOT see, it must be familiar with the information provided to Google, but it applies to all of the search engine optimization.

The next thing is to wait for

two, search engine optimization beginners guide.

3, domain name registration, found that the host. If the domain name can contain the best keywords, if domain with keywords will be more conducive to the search engines, the host must be stable, the stability of search engine for the space very seriously. If a website does not open, not conducive to the spiders crawl, but the user experience is not very good.

, at this time the search engine index website, using tools included and ranking on the site to track and record the data. Wait two weeks, let the search engine to find the site, Google Analytics data collection.

4, the website program is uploaded to the space, the simplest way is to use FTP to upload files.

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