6 kinds of promotion of the practice of the chain

5, 4, micro-blog

. Some people can use micro-blog industry, is the main industry of people will use micro-blog, then entered the site by micro-blog. Don’t consider whether to transfer the weight, as long as someone clicks, as long as the user will have weight. Micro-blog is used to guide users to enter our website, if you take micro-blog as a way of the chain that is wrong.

mail. I mentioned earlier the sheep.

, QQ group 3. Some industry QQ group is very active, such as sheep and cattle. Most of the people are gathered in the QQ group, if you can put these people gathered together in your group. When someone in the group asked questions you recommend him to your site to go inside. Of course you need to have the website content, and the quality is very good. A 1000 person I raise sheep, brought a lot of IP to my site in the early time, can let the sheep "the word at the age of 2 months and has been ranked the home page ranking before three, but I didn’t do the chain of other articles, have a long time not updated. If your industry user is not in the QQ group inside, you can also do QQ group marketing. It is mid flow, the flow is Xiao Bai station.

ranking needs to do some promotion of the chain on the site keywords, extension chain including the chain and promotional links, can guide the user to enter our website. Mainly includes: the forum outside the chain, classified information chain, micro-blog, QQ group, e-mail, text. I mainly used in the classification of information chain, QQ group and soft, now look to:

2, classification of information chain. This is very important, because most people get classified information as a garbage dump for content, but did not pay attention to the classification of information store to help our ranking. If you can improve a shop like a website as well as a shop that is a good resource station. If a mechanical site has 30 shops of good quality, the ranking is certainly not bad. But the work is very tired, you need to register a large amount of information, because some information was collected for a long time, some information can easily be removed. You can choose the relatively high weight of the platform for the release of information, the platform can also be used to do long term closure.

1, the forum outside the chain. Register your industry forum, do some forum outside the chain. Although now the character signature forum have no function, but if the post is not junk posts and click on the large amount of words, this link will also be taken into account. Through the love of Shanghai station, some of my personal signature in the forum link to calculate the chain. You can use the tool to check my site, my site is search for "Cangzhou heavy snow bucket elevator drawings" top two websites. In addition to the industry forum, you can also do some Shanghai Longfeng article published to the webmaster forums, such as the owners of the house, A5, Shanghai why, Longfeng Research Center, included in these forums are very good, basically will be included.

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