Electric business circle Shanghai dragon contest masters how to operate the Shanghai Dragon

5, the article reviews; (analysis: the article reviews the search engine ranking is helpful here to do that, but through this business circle of Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon dragon contest contest, the row in front of the website article reviews are many; but there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng contestants in their comments, there is a lot of attention to the game of the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon lovers attention comments;

1, Shanghai dragon to participate in this contest, Shanghai dragon master are mostly involved in the blog system to participate; (that blog is easy to operate, and the latter easily change the subject, because the general host such a plan to choose the words are relatively uncommon words to do the theme;

4, Links operation; (Links analysis: this link in construction process is always a link building, Shanghai dragon industry recognized the effect still actually we can look down in Shanghai to the Shanghai dragon theme keywords love home website basically Links basically is to use the extreme, basically is in 2 digits; by which we can prove the importance of Shanghai dragon chain for keywords ranking

);The use of

began in April the business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest, slowly has been nearly 2 months before, because of his work did not participate in the Shanghai dragon contest, with some regret, in this period of time on electric district of Shanghai dragon competition, fierce competition in many Shanghai Long Fenggao hands in the process of rough see many master who see talked about and usually don’t talk about the Shanghai Dragon technology, today take love Shanghai electric District home Shanghai Longfeng masters website, found the same point Shanghai dragon series, today a cursory summary:

) )The distribution of

2, the Shanghai Dragon Master ‘website basically is updated every day; (analysis: update, no doubt that the importance of the original site, ranking the site keywords is the concept of what we usually think the content is king! As long as the operation of several sites in the Shanghai dragon all know, here do not explain;

3, the site keywords; (analysis: here the keyword of the website distribution, but also can be said to be keyword density, this is really Jianfengchazhen, as long as you can put keywords place basically have, and even some of them have affected the user experience, this individual total result for 1, because of the time, in the just 2-3 months and many competitors with a good use of keywords, keyword density in a short time to get the ranking is no doubt a weapon, 2, participate in this contest, only to show their own strength, and to be recognized within the industry, and not too much commercial value, basically after your blog or website most would change the theme to carry out other projects, so did not spend great efforts in the UE above, but in the SE rankings);

)The above 5 points is I >

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