A good website ranking three key steps

page title is the main content on the page summary, search engine can quickly judge through the web page title page topic. The content of every page is different, each page should have the one and only title. The title refers to the meta tag < title> < /title> the content of.

page title for the above information, the author think the early site can put the name of the site to the end, and other sites have a certain scale or have a certain visibility can be mentioned in front of.

content is always the core value of the site, but the site content rich and varied forms, is all around the core value for the service and website, but also easy to identify search engine. The content of the website is to first user oriented, an ordinary visitor search engine website only, can meet the needs of users of the original content is very important.

we do the basic goal of Shanghai dragon is to get keywords ranking, but also have good rankings, especially in love in the ranking in Shanghai. The list will increase the flow, improve conversion rate, achieve sales. So, how to get good rankings? For you today three key steps of ranking good.


page title to the one and only.

home page: provide website name or site name _ service introduced or products

, a title page contains the main content of

channel page: _ channel name site name (column or similar classification)

is the title of the page is to tell the main contents of this web user and search engine is what the search engine in determining whether a web page content weight, header information is one of the main reference.

love Shanghai Title wrote:


content will be done in the anchor text, anchor text links to do in use when the description of the text, it is mainly used to guide users to read, to help users better understand the content. The anchor text may point to your site may point to other websites. "

user browsing is usually from left to right, the important content (keywords) should be on the left of the title of position.

content should accord with the construction of the theme of the site, such as my website is a website of the Shanghai dragon, you can’t put a bunch of beautiful pictures, in addition to waste of server resources, the core value of the site will not have any help, see beautiful pictures of people, not on the Dragon Phoenix interest.


page: the title _ _ channel name site name

Note that the key point:

title to theme clear, concise, not listed and web content not relevant information.

two, good content of the construction of


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