To improve a few blog click rate

before doing a blog, you must think about what to do content, only focus on a particular theme type, in order to increase user stickiness on the blog. Look at those Hot Blog, is a focus on the field of the.

in daily life, often need to update your blog, to improve the quality and quantity of posts. As long as the update of high quality is the basis for the development of blog posts at the same time, we should be updated regularly, enhance the search engine ranking continued to attract more users.


3. update articles, improve the quality of

in the post, in order to enrich the content can be inserted into the appropriate picture, also can add the right amount of high quality the chain in the article, we can get the reader to fully affirmed, but also improve the ranking. Remember to write soft in the article to appear independent advertising, otherwise it will let readers lose confidence. Do regular updates, prevent the reader will forget you. Regular updates can improve your ranking, but also gain loyal and stable readers.


believes that there are a lot of people have their own blog, but the blog friends believe that the operation in the end is not much. I believe the blog click rate, improve the flow of the stationmaster is a topic of concern. To be honest I also have such experience, which waste a lot of time to practice, summarizes several methods for their small.

I just contact Shanghai dragon is 2012, when do the chain Commissioner, in some forum community stop the article. Later, the application of free forum to do, then come to apply for free space to do their own forum, to the final use of Ali cloud payment website host. Along the way to learn a lot of things. We should improve the hit rate is most concerned about the issue, only the site began to flow, the webmaster friends will have the confidence to continue to do so. In order to retain old customers and attract new users to read, it is actually increase the click rate, the operation is not so difficult, if do you have any other way, or have different opinions welcome add my QQ3870624 with the learning exchange. Here I will combine their experience to tell you.

2. is the title of the article to attract




1. clear positioning

in this era of the Internet, a large number of blog post every day, there are a lot of different content, quality. Why users have to choose your article to read? This article title to do strange, people look interested, so the user will see your article. Remember the title must be relevant to the content, or reading a long time will resent you, next time you don’t go to see you in.

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