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Guardian of

my website home page is updated, the spider every day to climb. But the snapshot has not changed, this problem is that we encounter the most. The guardian gives the answer is simple: love Shanghai spider think your site is not updated. Why.

We know that ?

in this picture are two sites, one above is the real name network marketing, the following is a chef network. Through this picture we found a problem, that is the love in Shanghai snapshot of the home page and website last update time is the same. This suggests that love Shanghai is based on the snapshot update web page update to decide. The premise is your site home page updated, Shanghai also crawled to love.

on the site, many of my friends have asked why not update their website snapshot, aiming at this problem, the guardian gave an answer the most is: the search engine think your site is not updated. Why do you say that? My websites are updated every day. I believe that many webmaster friends have such doubts, this simple guardian for friends to introduce.

two: my web page really updated.

: your web page is updated.



web page really updated, but he did not update the snapshot. For this, the guardian suggest webmaster friends to see whether the spider crawling log, its own website. Crawling last time is how. Although the website home page updated, but the spider did not crawling is not updated snapshot. Many websites update is not so fast, spiders may not every day to crawl.

The original

search engines crawl the site will put the data in your server. Then according to certain rules released snapshot date different. And each keyword corresponding different pages (when we do the optimization also targeted optimization keywords). I will find the different search keywords are different page snapshot. This point I believe a lot of friends more clearly. However, why your website snapshot not update

regression, why my website home page every day in the update, but the snapshot is not updated? Your web page snapshot not update three reasons basically, the guardian gave stationmaster friends to answer.

Optimization of To see this point

give you an example, then the following topics.

Some friends of the

three: your web page really updated

webmaster friends, their website home page is updated. (website update does not represent the home page updated) especially some new sites, a big reason is long-term not included in your web page is updated. Some enterprises are looking for the establishment of the company, with a fixed template, or all of the product information, do not call home, this is the reason why the snapshot is not updated.

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