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Yuan Fang, how do you see it?

The following specific phenomenon:

statement: the following experience and not through the analysis of Web log, so there may be some unscientific. On the scientific search engine optimization, Fujian Shanghai dragon blog recommendation read two articles: Web log data analysis of Shanghai Shanghai dragon love work from 200064 Web log spider crawling status code to do the scientific data analysis on Shanghai dragon.

3, the next day included in the article, in the next day or two days will be included again.

by the Shanghai Phoenix blog, the 贵族宝贝fq address of Shanghai dragon.Org/2398.html,

well, pull away. The mechanism and principle of love Shanghai snapshot update actually official to make a statement. It should be this: love Shanghai snapshot is a search engine is stored in a cache file server, Never mind and love Shanghai weight. Only the search engine that page has obvious changes, or provide valuable content, or fully interactive communication this is the updated snapshot.

said the next day included basic search engine for the website is still not trust, also is the weight of Shanghai dragon often say is not high, snapshot update can also be expressed a spider is diligent, it is recommended to see search engine grab ranking principle. So, in addition to high quality original content, but also need assistance outside the chain correlation of high quality, so your site to beef up gradually. The best of the chain than the user to help you share directly, of course, statistical analysis under reflux rate.

now, the blog ranking basically is careless, traffic is very limited, this site in Shanghai Longfeng cannot share the love Shanghai cheese has been in more detail about the reason. But the way to get traffic very much, especially now that the rise of social media, and now is not derived from SMO (Social Media Optimization).

Fujian Shanghai dragon blog snapshots are generally the next day. When the most cattle, also is the release of the article, really reach the second state, this undoubtedly, even too late to modify the title, I believe many insist on doing the original webmaster have experience.

2, or the same day the original article, if the use of a large number of high quality related domain to attract search engine spiders that included.

recently in Fujian Shanghai dragon busy department related matters, and not too concerned about the Shanghai dragon blog. Today, look around and found a phenomenon, hope to explore with you under. As the title says: website article the next day included third days snapshot update.

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1, the original article published the same day, the next day included general.

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