The logistics industry website promotion experience

1, the logistics industry practitioners of high age, understanding of the network is not enough.

The advantage of Because of the nature of the site before

2, users habits tend to South Logistics Information Alliance, to guide the user habits is very important.

3, portable and multifunctional, utility is the key.

and the user group is not very understanding, so I wrote "logistics network promotion plan" and the actual work out, resulting in the promotion of the early work of some messy, poor effect. After a period of work, have a preliminary understanding of the basic situation of the website, customers of the logistics industry. In the level of science and technology is relatively underdeveloped in the three line of the city, network promotion is the market business promotion, whose share of the market, who will succeed, the site for the industry, it is even more so. The following is a problem encountered and views on the recent work in a statement:

4, free of charge, who occupy a large market share.

experienced a period of extension work, so I have a preliminary understanding of the logistics industry, the future of any industry cannot do without the Internet, the network to help people work, learning is an inevitable trend. In a pre promotion plan for me to have a clear goal, but when I took the job, I had not thought of beforehand some difficulties, these difficulties make me thinking, I have to change the marketing strategy, to make improvement work slowly.

The use of

Internet is an era of progress of science and technology, logistics industry employees in high age, understanding of the network is not correct, even distorted, so in the website promotion work for this part of the crowd to do ideological work, and continuously for a long time with the service.

Huitong logistics network in the near future

from the site, convenient for nature Huitong logistics net, and the South logistics information network using multi function to win the market, who and contend for hegemony, I think is the key. The user pays attention to the effect, but not the website how powerful. Most users focus on supply, car source, and I want the car in what place (both vehicle positioning), do the three column has become the focus of. South Logistics Information Network vehicle treasure free trial to put pressure on me, how do I deal with

strategy must be free service, while the South Logistics Information Network has long charging service policy, some users think free misleading not good service. According to the analysis of weakness of the national Chinese, since the charges, I must use the common psychological, Huitong logistics network lost part of the user. Huitong logistics network users are familiar with computer operation, entering the.


South Logistics Information Network was established earlier, the user has long been accustomed to the site of the operation, and their ability to accept new things is weak, so in a short time is difficult to change the user’s habits. Most users said the habit is the biggest problem, so to guide the user habits to become the focus of recent promotion work.

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