What is invalid click and click fraudshlf1314 AdSense AD alliance user communication will be arrange

often have a new publisher to ask us the meaning of these two words, to help publishers to fully understand the meaning and difference between them, we are given in the following definition and related instructions.

publishers family members or publisher website users click on its display advertising, intended to help publishers earn more

click fraud is part of invalid clicks, refers to malicious or fraudulent clicks, in other words, is intended to through the way of increasing the income of the publishers or advertisers spending on. Click on the source of these include but not limited to:

, in order to promote communication with the vast number of shlf1314 AdSense advertising alliance users, and absorb more outstanding webmaster to join. After collecting online advice, we decided to hold the two large series of activities covering a total of ten in the city this year.

the first half of the year at the end of May to early June held a line of Nanjing – Shanghai – Hangzhou, another line of Wuhan – Chongqing; the second half of the year is expected to be held in October, a line for the Xiamen – Shenzhen – Guangzhou, another line of Zhengzhou – Xi’an.

the first field tour for the time being in May 28th -6 month 1 days, the specific schedule is as follows:

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publishers will often "invalid clicks" as "click display ads on their content". But we want to be clear that the definition does not take into account the invalid click click on the source, it is any to artificially increase the income of the publishers or advertisers spending on.

can be used to purchase certain hits third party plans, such as "$10 to buy 1000 pageviews"

– contains the user incentives of the third party service plan, such as pay per click and click on the

standard is also applicable to advertising display and conversion. To show the advertisement invalid including but not limited to:


please note that our policy is strictly prohibited in any way to make human ad clicks, impressions or conversion times. You can also learn more information on these aspects through invalid click faq.

Adsense group new topic article, the original title: invalid click and click fraud definition

– contains the user incentives of the third party scheme, such as pay to surf or auto surf plan

The following is the

– a manual or automatic way too often to refresh the page

automatic click Tools, robots or other fraudulent click software

invalid click is likely to artificially increase the AdWords advertisers spending click, we will not receive this click on the costs incurred to advertisers. These include excess click no value to click on the advertisers, such as double clicking in second clicks. There are many other types of hits, if we can determine these clicks that do not come from genuinely interested in advertising users, it can also be classified as invalid click list.

exchange program

publishers click their own display ads, or encourage others to click on their own display advertising

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