Let you order fly with Soso Ask the word of mouth marketing

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search engine of title is very high as we all know, so the title of the questions must appear keywords, description of the problem and repeat one or two times. The answer to the several times as possible, so that the density of key words on the table, the keywords ranking stack are generally good.

2, ask and answer with best

to search a keyword to see the row in front of ask "


you have to make sure good title. If you want to do web promotion or guide flow, the proposal to accurate and clear title, for example: we want to promote the freckle products, so questions can be written as titles like "the best freckle products what is" or "what kind of freckle products effect" and so on. If want to do web site keywords optimization, recommend you use love as the title of Shanghai or Shanghai love related search drop-down box appears. After determining the title, content must be associated with title, and the description of the content to clear. For example, just the title of "the spot product which good effect, so the content can around the spot product effect is good for the theme to answer, also is to put you to promote the website characteristics description is clear, let users can be clear at a glance.

Search ask with love, know as Shanghai increasingly stringent audit, if you just ask questions today call others answer, and then immediately adopt the answer, questions will have to be deleted danger! Now it should be noted, that others after the answer also take some practice to adopt the answer it! There is no danger of the deleted

a commonplace talk of an old scholar as we all know, account level is very important, so there will be a raising number of process. This process is not purely to do volunteer work, you can ask and answer with the form adopted their own problems, but must not take link, can guide the user through a keyword to search the web site name. Note that the low level of new ask many tasks can do account, while doing the task while his answer adopted, and soon a account level is raised.


now know love Shanghai becomes more and more difficult to do, so to come here today to talk about how to use Search ask marketing, Search ask relatively than the love of Shanghai know the answer, particularly important is more likely to take the link, you know there are a lot of the acquisition will visit Search ask if we in the search on ask a link would increase may extend there will be dozens of links, it can be said that in Soso Ask is a double-edged sword. Of course, there are a lot of Search ask promotion need to pay attention to place, here’s what I do Soso Ask some experience of promotion, hope for the novice in Search ask promotion of some help.

Q & a good reference The importance of

1, account level

The weight of the

4, set good keywords

3, adopt the answer should also pay attention to, can not act with undue haste.

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