How to replace the Shanghai Dragon Team

transform of a business promotion department may occur is the replacement of Shanghai dragon staff. Add new team members, there are people from the team or the replacement of the entire team can and do occur. This change may occur in the interior of Shanghai Longfeng personnel, may occur in Shanghai Longfeng external service providers.


Shanghai Longfeng change team and meticulous documentation. What do a detailed record of the time, what do you do, tattoo. Ideally, it should be combined with the analysis of the data.

is a potential problem is the loss of power. In front of the Shanghai dragon team may be performing some plans, the new team had to take over these plans and continue, otherwise the new team plan will delay. Even if the new team trying to maintain the existing plan, they also take some time to be familiar with, but the old team is not necessarily suitable for specific methods by new team skills. To make significant changes to the Shanghai dragon team, for which the power loss is ready.

potential problems


make sure you have been recorded in the company’s Shanghai Longfeng process, and associated with the Shanghai dragon people and management are familiar with these processes, which can help accelerate the transformation. The new team can learn the training process, including a detailed description of the highest priority task and opportunity of the new team. You must go through one or two training to new team plans to quickly understand the history, and what needs to be done after the login information. Remember that you are due to the new team’s expertise to employ them, so the initial training may lead to modifications, the first day it all on the table can make things progress more quickly.

Is a way of dealing with this situation

, hired a new team, there is a period of transition time and the old team. In some cases it will be useful, in some cases, this may not be a good choice. Because the new team and old team may have different ideas. This is often thought to start, may take many weeks to regain lost power.

traditional web analytics tools to view past and change with the time flow data is very simple. But the noble baby network management tools and Bing network management tools can not see the historical data, the search engine does not provide the index page number of links and other historical data. You should keep these historical data records. In addition, make sure that you have all the relevant account password, who do not want to access the key data.

record Shanghai dragon action and process


A method of reducing

finally, you should check again, delete the old team access permissions tracking system. They can’t have access analysis software, webmaster tools account, and other resources they can’t have.

One of the

may change due to various reasons Shanghai Longfeng their staff, the resulting problem may.

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