Morning light Shanghai dragon needs news angle

4, attention to the event, continuous tracking.

e-commerce platform that sales of similar products, this is a chance. Because by this news, perhaps a lot of people are interested in buying similar "mobile phone video", one point is a business opportunity.


media attention: 1 weeks +100% +100% +100%

2, pay more attention to the latest news, pay more attention to news websites such as NetEase, such as Sina’s front page news.

February 1st qianyunhui court case, a section from Qian with video recording micro shooting watch, as a key evidence of the trial report. The 30 minute HD video recording qianyunhui suffered a car accident at the scene, including the money rolling clouds will be within more than 20 minutes after the scene. (Note: This version of the video is relative to the court to play 30 minutes segment version, whether it is the original version to take Qian after authorities identified.

1, love hot issue in Shanghai, the fastest rising keywords.

look at this news now:

See figure in the 1 quarter of JanuaryFor the

recent hot money, is the cloud will encounter traffic accident. In the Internet and other media above raise a Babel of criticism of downtown, in fact case, we do Shanghai dragon will certainly guide "Qian" will certainly become a hot spot for the portal site and other traffic sites, can do a keyword to do this, but for the electronic commerce website, may be of little value.

remember I also have an article: "by a friend Christmas wishes" thought from "Christmas wishes" flow, time for the past thousands of IP. Of course he is a information website, or some significance. So, website optimization, content editing, need to pay close attention to news around, exercise their own news sensitivity. People think can from the following several aspects to consciously train yourself.

as follows:

this news, a big bright spot is: to take the watch. Then the habit of query about love: Shanghai Watch Video index.

in the 1 quarter of January

5, Discovery News, a relatively new thing, especially commercial value. Such as the example of mobile phone video.

. The original article, please indicate the morning light cloth child nets @ 贵族宝贝buooo贵族宝贝/archives/901

3, QQ pop ads.

A news event )

video watch user attention: 1 weeks +100% +100% +100%

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