Single page station optimization case analysis

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finally order the product page: page program with list mode above the whole part plus blog combination of above products interface is beautiful, but the bottom part of the collocation with a little just passable. Product selection with basic theme, shopping guide website is to let customers to come to their website, directly to the target site by clicking on the path of least, using the target site of attraction and reputation to complete the transformation, so the choice of good business is very important, product quality is good, the service is good enough, fast enough. In order to have a better conversion rate. Because of the time is a simple analysis of so much, the follow-up will serve for you on how the author is to solve the conversion rate is not high, especially in single product page, interested friends please attention!

Analysis of

first title:

website is a single page program with Z-blog revision, a navigation station layout, column layout, keywords layout of Pyramid have to meet the demand of layout strategy.

do flow analysis:

imperceptibly do station also has a month of Amoy, now more and more competition, we are all very many webmaster choice. Choose to do long tail Amoy ", because today is not individual heroism of the society, need more of the team cooperation. But we are still fighting alone the webmaster can go way, because of the different search habits, and the long tail word mining is endless, and product diversification. We also like to provide the more grassroots webmaster do Tao guest the chance of success.

In this paper,

moisturizing effect of skin care products _ whitening freckle suit _ what products whitening effect is good. _ whitening effect is good skin care products. The sales of the first Taobao skin care products "in the view of this type of station selection should also belong to the conversion rate with relatively high tone of key words, is the lack of price and brand class ask words, so I think this is not a problem of

two station although today has a slightly small, but often appear empty single, but it can also stream. The following is the station optimization strategy to share details:

site analysis framework:


website has also made for almost a year, basically every day now directional flow site is more than 100ip, keywords ranking also is stable, the main keywords ranking the first page. We all know that the directional flow of marketing point of view is a kind of transaction flow rate is very high, so this is not a problem. The flow is as follows:

Although the

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