The DCC report in the third generation of search with the trend of liberalization and customization

DCCI data pointed out that the search engine has become the first major Internet application tools, more than 500 million Internet users. In the current search engine, search platform, users in the third generation of search engines to open can participate in the way of building search and other search very different, into artificial intelligence and expertise in the search results, and the thematic portal way, which accord with the characteristics of the search engine and the development trend of liberalization can be customized.

March 26, 2013, Internet Data Center (DCCI) released a new search engine research report, the report pointed out that from the user search behavior analysis, search needs and ways are changing, more free and can be customized to become search engine trends.

addition, DCCI report also mentioned that in the third generation of search engine users mainly in young users of 18 – 26 years, the average search and user request number more than 10 times, the average number of pages open is more than 15 times, the user loyalty was significantly higher than that of other search engines.

in the third generation of search pages

it is understood that the third generation of search launched more than two years has won a lot of customers, which is totally different from the traditional search to show the way and can participate in the search mode corresponds to the current user search habits change, people are constantly expanding.

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