Seven skills of website optimization strategy of Shanghai dragon must know

a new web site, the first consideration is the problem of the domain name and domain name selection procedure problem, but also to the domain name, of course you have to do the best contains keywords, such as 58, the domain name is 58贵族宝贝, such a domain name is easy to remember, two is to facilitate the search engine judgment. The program first consideration is to choose the static web site, and URL can be short is short, if you have to use the dynamic path, that also is not too complex, but also in the best website layout according to the conventional, is the front page and channel page and column page and the content page, provides web address, at present Shanghai love or love routinely play the

of a website is very important, so for the title and description of the writing and optimization, in fact, love Shanghai search engine guide has made detailed guidance on this, Liu Yufan talk one or two words, for the description of the title, the first to note a point is never the accumulation of keywords, because love Shanghai segmentation has been very mature, as long as the main keywords on the front, and then choose the opposite, this is written to love Shanghai Chinese segmentation will automatically help you. Is very important for the description of the written description of some key words, you are with your business and your way of writing can be so detailed. The title and description of the writing was not too long too numerous, simple focus

, website domain name and

four, the content of the website


A > website!

as the Shanghai dragon, often took over the new website that is homely food, and for a new website, improve website weight is the priority among priorities, as a new website to attract the attention of Shanghai love, must consider some aspects of the problems, and these problems are are as the basic operation process of Shanghai Dragon just, just a lot of Shanghai Longfeng couples are not very understanding, today Shenzhen Shanghai dragon Liu Yufan came about after some skills summary

navigationIn fact, the

three.The title and description of the

navigation should be placed in the above, but in this I have to recite, a website navigation is very important, which is just like we buy things in the store is the same, if what items did not indicate which area of the mall, you can find what you want? Even if it is found that it is also time consuming.



The title and description of

then how to design for navigation, is actually very simple, is to highlight, a column is a navigation, can let users know how to enter a way of navigation is to lead the users, many users access a web site is the first from the navigation watch, because they want to look for signs, navigation is a sign. But the role of navigation is not only the sign so simple, but also the layout of navigation keywords, such not only can guide the user can guide the search engine.


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