Shanghai Longfeng supervisor should be how to manage to make work more efficient

Shanghai Longfeng supervisor leadership is co-ordinate the overall situation, every Shanghai Longfeng subordinates to methodical work, but how to let subordinates work more efficiently is a difficult problem in Shanghai Longfeng executives, the author has served as a director of the Shanghai dragon, also have a certain understanding and research, the following subsection the door to share the author is how to make these departments subordinate to work more efficiently by proper management.

chain and website editors are equally important, especially love Shanghai algorithm now, released the chain not only for improper ranking useless, but may cause K or drop right and other serious cases, so the management of the Commissioner of the chain work is quite necessary. The management chain of the Commissioner, the Commissioner of the chain to make work more efficient, Shanghai Longfeng supervisor should to achieve a few:

site is mainly responsible for the editorial staff of Shanghai Phoenix Station, now in the "content is king", the quality of website editors literacy level can often affect the entire site or rankings, so, Shanghai dragon director for the web editors management is very important, I think, for the management of web editors Shanghai Longfeng, supervisor should do several requirements:

: the first web editors

(1) to let the chain Commissioner to accumulate the chain resources. The chain resources is very important, a lot of the chain Commissioner made outside the chain even.

(2) internal work requires more meticulous. If you only want your web editor for writing the words, and not to take into account other internal optimization details, so this is a failure of your supervisor. The optimization of the internal details include: chain add, picture alt attribute, etc. key words in bold red. The details of work need to supervise the supervisor of Shanghai Longfeng website editors to do, otherwise it will not be able to optimize the internal truly perfect.


(1) training their writing skills. As a website editor, have certain writing ability is a waste, but in Shanghai Longfeng work, light elegant writing ability is not enough, the website editors should have the writing skills of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon head should not just sitting in the office to drink tea, should go to write out the website editor of the article, the article analyzes their keywords layout, pseudo original degree, through these indicators to observe their problems, then put forward and solved at the time of the meeting.

Second: the chain Commissioner Each The

Shanghai dragon service company will have a core of leadership, which is also called the Shanghai dragon head, a Shanghai dragon Er company has done for a long time, experience, will naturally rise to a Shanghai dragon head. Shanghai dragon head but not good to do, he often is the core of Shanghai Longfeng work, plays an important role in the success of Shanghai dragon.

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