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in Shanghai Longfeng the choice of keywords, keywords many webmaster first choice is your site name. Then put a lot of energy outside the chain, in the continuous efforts, Shanghai love the first three positions at hand. Thought Everfount flow in. They found that there are few people search your site name. How to do? Do a lot of work before we do nothing? The answer is no.. So how to make unmanned search website name key words become hot keywords? Love Shanghai, love Shanghai and know that Wikipedia Soso Ask the high weight encyclopedia and Q & a platform can help us achieve this.

, use the inquiry platform to answer

two, using Wikipedia entry

, which is the key of this article is to focus on the key words, turning waste into treasure. Say I practice: first create entry Ji’nan dating network". When to stay outside the chain within an entry, I found love in Shanghai wiki is difficult to stay outside the chain. Soso Ask to stay outside the chain easily. Secondly, I site of the target group is the Shandong Ji’nan blind dating demand singles. Here we held regularly every year under the line of people blind, blind date Qianfo Hill, Daming Lake blind date, Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center, sports center, blind date blind date. These many singles will search the blind date. I love Shanghai in the encyclopedia and soso Wikipedia created these blind date entry in the create entries >

take the Ji’nan blind network. Have made the wrong choice of keywords Shanghai dragon. The author in Shanghai at the beginning of the dragon, in all kinds of blog and forum are left to "Ji’nan date net" for the chain of keywords. In a large number of pay, not what the basic competition and search volume keywords ranked first in Shanghai got love. However, the search volume nearly a week that didn’t search the keywords in Ji’nan blind. How do I do? Hard won the love of Shanghai keywords ranked first so not in vain?. There must be a way to let the words flow to improve. In a lot of practice, I found that can use Wikipedia and ask website to enhance the flow of the target. My operation method is as follows:

I want to explain in detail the method of

this method many webmaster friends all know, do not do too much explanation, they apply to at least two ID, a question and answer. Here only to say that quiz skills, that is in question to appear like the Shanghai dragon general keywords or long tail keywords. For example: my Ji’nan Shandong Ji’nan area network is blind blind dating. I found the words "Ji’nan marriage" to search for large quantity. So I love Shanghai know question contains the word "Ji’nan marriage", and the answer contains my website. Sure enough, a few days after the discovery of this problem in the "Ji’nan marriage" is the top three keywords, has been able to bring some traffic. Here say one more word, published in all kinds of quiz platform and ask their customers can bring a lot of problems, the high quality chain.

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