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website optimization and hope that their website can be popular in a short period of time. In the search engine has a good rankings and included quantity. But the idea is certainly beautiful, but it is not so simple. Because the search engine is a very critical tool. We are in the process of website optimization, any point defect or cheating is lazy phenomenon, it will mercilessly reduce the inclusion and ranking, while right down. We see some websites every day with millions of traffic, they imagine a fraction of it to give us a little. But our website optimization is that people are after many years of accumulation of culture, and then to grow to fame. We are not ambitious, otherwise everything seems so unrealistic. Here we talk about these, we grassroots webmaster how to optimize our own website, in order to make our site more popular.

1. website and the website of the direction to be clear. Our website optimization status should first clear their own website, to know what is the main content of our website to do, what is the nature of the site. With this specific purpose, we will do next is around this theme to build our website, so our website optimization will not seem so blind and aimless. Such as love, it is the position of Shanghai as a search engine tool, its goal is to allow people to quickly find what they want. Sohu, NetEase and other portals positioning is a portal, so their goal is to make the news website, the website content updates faster and to have the authority, it will be welcomed. When we clear the positioning and development direction of our website, we also need to pay attention to is the site of the open speed and safety. A high quality and reliable security of the site will be more welcomed by customers.

these website optimization, in order to make your site more popular, so we have to consider some of the big portal, why so many of their traffic, so popular? If we understand this, we will be more of the website optimization success is more popular. In fact, what big portals flow reasons, mainly because of their content in real-time, and is of high quality, fast access speed, nice page etc.. If we can do these sites will be very good. The following specific to introduce how to optimize the site more popular.

2. the next step is to improve the quality of web content, and often need to update the content of the website. When the position of frame direction of the website clearly, we have to do is to enrich the content of the web site. About the importance of the content of the website we are self-evident. Content is king. We want to make our website in Shanghai which included love rising, weight also increased. So our site

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