The network marketing of the big and complete small and beautiful VS

2, SEM

: love Shanghai for account to professional operation, at the same time can be considered to put love Shanghai Wangmeng, Sogou bidding advertising etc..

company has 4 Shanghai Longfeng personnel, are the basic chain of the Commissioner, every day to the specified classification or blog platform to release some information, even if the completion of the task. Such as the release of information in the list, Sina and other platforms the company regularly, I love Shanghai station outside the chain of the main domain name query tool, pathetic, and the company’s website traffic is almost 0.

: reduced network of personnel of the Department, such as the hot back there are 1 manufacturers of network programmers and artists, 4 staff, 1 Shanghai dragon head. The advice is to leave 1 able to work procedures and art staff, 1 Er, 1 SEMER Shanghai dragon and responsible person. The author gave the company network marketing person in charge of an account balance, the 3 Shanghai dragon Er salary 2000 yuan per month as a benchmark, a month to 6000 yuan, if the money to buy the news source of high quality the chain, this month’s work is better than 3 optimization personnel a year make achievements.


, the company opened a love Shanghai auction account, but the account operating personnel is not professional, input and output is not controllable. If the bidding account is not optimized, is to spend money like water, seventy or eighty per cent will lose money.

speaking of network marketing, a lot of people in the mind immediately jumped out of Shanghai, SEM and EDM, longfeng. A xiaoertuire company recently posted the service factory, caught in the network marketing investment, low output, is not controllable in a vicious spiral. The company once wanted to give up the network marketing, the author’s team made some analysis to the company, the idea is as follows.

two, the company network marketing symptom analysis

I think, at present the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to develop the network marketing promotion and more useless, input and output is not controllable. The author team for the enterprise network marketing planning to go the long way, less money, less waste of time, so as to improve the chances of success. This idea is first put forward by Wang Tong senior, the team also recognized this strategy in depth.

1, Shanghai dragon

through the contact, understand the Xiaoertuiretie manufacturers OEM network marketing including Shanghai Phoenix, SEM, blog marketing, B2B marketing, classification and inquiry platform promotion, reputation Taobao shop promotion and other conventional means. But asked what kind of effect is the best when the person in charge said ready to accept either course of discourse. The author thinks that the thoughts of KPI and the 28 law is very important, not only the performance evaluation index and network promotion focus without considering and planning, network marketing team and the company are as follows.

love Shanghai

, a way of network marketing

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3, blog marketing

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