Website content is king of content protection for website development

second, article interspersed website brand word

It is self-evident Keywords

code to prohibit the replication of

First, the use of

website is generally reading will be able to meet the needs of users, of course, a good article reproduced by a great chance, but in order to prevent others reproduced without copyright infringement and insurance purposes or use the code to prohibit copying others; although the program can prohibit mouse behavior, but some browsers still can copy paste then, you can also open the page source file, copy and paste, but at least increase the workload of others, when the owners see the article can not be copied, although there are some other methods can be achieved, but because of the cumbersome and give up, it is very good to protect the contents of the site.


when a website, the content is reproduced, it may affect the collection of our site, especially some relatively low weight of new sites, included have been very difficult, once the article is reproduced, the website is not included in this article completely, one disaster after another, people very tangled is awful; although the post can be found check each other’s behavior, but the Internet is so large, although a person’s behavior, but there are thousands on thousands of webmaster. When trying to stop until there is not ready to reflect.

content regarding the website function, good article is more rare, to create a high quality of the original article, for each person is not an easy thing, and now many webmaster is a person all has to send the chain and update the article, it shows more limited time valuable; but now many webmaster have a tendency of psychology, always want to get things easily in someone else’s website, the content is copied and reproduced everywhere.

website is very important, but no matter what words are not website brand word to have value, if an article can resonate with readers, so the user may search your website brand word into the site; therefore in the content update always have a brand awareness, clever articles with keywords in this paper, to enhance the value, look at the construction site in Shanghai attracting network is how to do:

very natural to show your website’s brand name, and not let the user feel that in advertising, and more users think is a website for the brand publicity; when the website content is "criminals" reprint, they are generally not the content of the site revised, is under the general revision the title, the content inside probably did not see, when the content is reproduced to others website, once the user feel good, may find their own brand word search sites, many users may be through the search engine to find the content through reading, let them have a deep impression, perhaps with the help of others some useful website to pull customers.

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