Website optimization experience alone out of dogma is better than

is just a way of site operation and site optimization, may well wish for guidance, because experience means less detours. But slowly will find that experience is not a panacea, the competitive environment is constantly changing and the search engine algorithms are constantly changing, too stubborn to believe in the experience of thinking will inevitably fall into dogma, even delaying the website optimization opportunity. For example, in a fairly long period of time, the website optimization is the link is king and ignore the original content, but obviously if we still uphold this concept, I am afraid the website marketing effect will no longer be ideal. The author believes that the site operation and site optimization should learn from the successful experience, but should be combined with their own actual and the change of environment adjustment, the effect will be more ideal thinking out of dogma.

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content posted up, but the site has not updated snapshot, is not very worried? The author’s experience, at least 60% of Web site operators will be anxious to get angry. But I think the website snapshot and website content updates are related, but not necessarily linked. The way to judge whether to update the website snapshot on the website weight, web content and search engine. But from the actual experience, if the update rate is not very big, or not frequently updated website content, website snapshot update frequency is not very high. So, the traditional idea that the website content updates have a snapshot of how much some garden limited experience.

is a newly discovered phenomenon, after the Spring Festival, many websites because of a lack of updates, most website snapshot stalled in mid month. But there are a number of websites ranked decline, a lot of people as long as the time of the site can save the lost substantially updated ranking and website snapshot. Shanghai network company where the author, there is a day to update the twenty or thirty articles, but it may be the site into a danger zone. Three must adhere to the principle of the content update, which is one of the update rules and smoothness. As the Spring Festival before and after nearly half a month and a sudden lack of website content, greatly updated (especially a large number of duplicate copies of the content), it is likely to cause the search engine alert to the website evaluation and bungled the best time.

two: dogma weight must have links with good ranking

: one of the doctrine of content must be updated snapshot of

under the same condition, the high weight ranking must be relatively good, but the fact is not the case. Just as there are many factors that determine the site weight, the influence factors of the website rankings are also different. A website only shows that the quality of the website weight is relatively high, and in fact there is no absolute contact website ranking. A simple example of a website of the Shanghai company, through the "Shanghai website construction" the keywords ranking perhaps by comparison before, but through the "Shanghai family decoration" this word ranking is not very ideal. The weight of the website is decided by the content of the site itself, and it depends more on the website ranking website theme, whether the site optimization reasonable, and search.

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