The webmaster how to deal with the fickle search engines do Shanghai Dragon

third word "drill" — study. Although the technical content is not high, but we still need to learn. As the saying goes "it is never too old to learn". Although the Shanghai dragon doesn’t require us to learn, but one thing is for sure, we do Shanghai dragon to what time, I want to learn what time. Because of the love of Shanghai, Google search engine is not immutable and frozen, they always are in turn. If those things you just took early to see in the forum, to deal with the search engine the myriads of changes, only one — so far behind. What about learning, or where to learn, Tianya will not nonsense, people who come here should all learn. A5, left behind, a push, Shanghai dragon why, etc. these forums are Shanghai Longfeng encyclopedia, we always have to learn.

webmaster how fickle search engines do Shanghai dragon? In fact, we discussed this issue also can’t. I summed up a few words here.

is the first "love" – interest! Also is to want to do Shanghai dragon, must first have a great interest in him, so I will have to be. If there is no interest or interest is not strong enough, then Tianya bet that sooner or later you will have to give up one day, as we all know, Shanghai dragon is a long-term work, give up, failure means. Shanghai love like a pretty good girl, many boys are chasing her, you only love her, love her, will have the possibility to catch up, believe that everyone should have a good understanding of.

fourth words of "constant" perseverance. With interest, with confidence, to learn the theoretical knowledge, the next step is to put what we have learned into practice, is to optimize our website. Don’t believe three days a week or ten days to get a key word optimization to the first page or the first story. If true, then only two kinds of cases: 1. the key word no competition (as can be imagined, it does not bring any value for us; 2.) a blind cat with dead mouse, the accidental factor allows you to temporarily on the home page, but I believe you to Tianya, ranking up more time than you fast. Keywords ranking ascension is a time of accumulation, in order to maintain a stable ranking need solid foundation. Like building a house, only a piece of a piece of brick masonry firmly, in order to cover up the edifice, strong. Otherwise, even up, soon will collapse. In a word, remember a word — > million

second word "letter" – confidence. Have confidence in yourself, have faith in Shanghai dragon. You know, Shanghai dragon is not high threshold, high technology content is not what. It does not require you to have what undergraduate, graduate students, such as education, as far as I know, in Shanghai dragon industry made a batch of outstanding people, a considerable part of it is not to go to university. You should tell yourself, as long as you work hard to do, and not to do worse than any one person.

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