Webmaster how to obtain the guiding ideas in the search engine changes

search engine is the first change without warning, time is very long, can be said that now the search engine is constantly changing, as a webmaster, I believe that to change some search engines in recent months and feelings, entered in October, can be said that this time is the best time to change the site there are a few months, the precipitation, either old or new webmaster webmaster will certainly have their own ideas to the station, but this time to change your site if the right direction to get the support of the search engine, and let the magic from the website.

from the search engine changes, from large changes to the beginning of a small scale now changes, it reflects the change of the decrease, and the webmaster want to get the harvest in the search engine changes, then you need to change the site will do before the station changed to the old-fashioned way now the new station will do, before by machines or software methods to improve website ranking change ranking method by reason to promote the website now, before those who use pseudo original software, machine and so on old method and post cheating all deleted, if you don’t change, then you can easily fall in love with the sea. Some keywords, you can find love in Shanghai home the birth of a number of new sites, and these new sites are not against the chain started.

Perhaps in the eyes of many webmaster

has submitted a new website to search engines today, the birth of the site after the author’s thoughtful, engaged in the website operation has been three years, but has never been any other website I such attention, because from the recent frequent changes in the search engine website has to change the feeling and if we don’t take action whether old or new Internet are likely to be eliminated, the face of search engines, these large changes to either change or choose the webmaster, I chose to change, I would like to introduce some of my ideas on this website change.


The range of

search engine is the change of the algorithm, in fact, changes in search engine is not only the change of the algorithm, do stand for so many years, I still see for the first time to provide some new directions for website search engine active sites, such as an announcement in September that the search engine is the importance of the website the content of construction, rather than build a false content, if the webmaster also legalistic, perhaps the site is really no in the day, in the face of search engine changes, seize the opportunity to get benefits in the change.

finally I want to say is the influence from the search engine this change, nearly forty percent and above the site affected, that is to say, if your site does not change, but other sites change, then maybe your site will be left behind, we can imagine, you don’t change to their owners the site, and competitors are changing, it will not cause the decline of the website? When a website search engine cannot be recognized, no flow, your site will be gradually.

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