The K website is complaining about the way to find reasons to solve problems is the truth

How to define the This site is

guide Shanghai Longfeng optimization direction, should carefully read the content and knowledge owners love Shanghai official offer; and for some published Webmaster Platform or forum article, should be treated to a reference attitude, not blindly imitate others, such as a lot of Shanghai dragon.

love Shanghai recently continuous punches: June 22nd K off a large number of sites; again in June 28th K off a number of sites, many webmaster let fall into the trough, inside the forum everywhere see the site has been K case, today we can see that Shanghai dragon has not been previously so easy, a little attention, it may lead to their website by punishment; love Shanghai punishment website is also in order to enhance the user experience and do, see many webmaster in forum, QQ group to complain, even curse love Shanghai, personally feel that this is just a lesson, we should put more reasons on ourselves. Why the station is safe and sound, love Shanghai algorithm certainly equally, in addition to some accidental factors, more should find fault in ourselves:

K, a part of the reason is the webmaster complain: you didn’t do black hat, and was not clear down the right search engine, search engine is really malicious punishment? As a webmaster if you often focus on search engine changes; if a three year old Shanghai Dragon Phoenix master, not often pay attention to the dynamic Shanghai dragon, so now with the improved algorithm, now Shanghai dragon is perhaps the love sea is not recognized, so the webmaster should be more practice, more to look at the search engine changes and improvement, with full knowledge of Shanghai dragon to make your site more suitable the user experience, also can avoid punishment in every update algorithm love in Shanghai.

station improvement mainly from two aspects: 1, internal website. As the site to communicate directly with the user channels within the site directly affects the user experience. The external factors of the website, 2. Including the chain and some human factors, such as the use of software group chain, using brush ranking, these are not recognized by the love of Shanghai.

website is white or black hat, sometimes it is difficult to judge, but some of the more conventional, even love Shanghai official have indicated, it is undoubtedly a black hat means, such as buying black chain website keywords, deliberately accumulation by software group chain, also affect the fair the competition means of optimization, such as the use of software brush ranking, these are very easy to judge, his own stand most clearly, should do a comprehensive reflection of their own optimization, clear the existence of black hat optimization trace, believe that the search engines will accept very calm, love Shanghai also clearly pointed out: punishment not to.

three, carefully read the love Shanghai official guide

, a web site is related to black hat optimization

Love is the official website of the Shanghai

two, if you often focus on search engine

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