Analysis of owners how to send the chain with the opponent learning from four aspects

chain is a very important factor, if it is found that the opponent’s site outside the chain is not better than their own, but the ranking is better than theirs, so why will appear in the top quality of the chain. After all, only has the quality of the chain to help the site get good rankings. So, your hair of the chain, the quality of the outer chain analysis is very important. For the quality of the chain to analyze, first look at the chain rivals released how natural stability and self correlation website platform, outside the chain, the chain, through the analysis of the three aspects, naturally it is easy to know how the quality of the chain of the opponent. Because the search engine is to judge the quality of the chain is also based on the three points. So, through the chain quality analysis of competitors an easy job to do and let you know the quality of the chain is not rival cattle cattle, so that they can make their rivals in a short time to increase the number of grasp.

The anchor text chain

chain can use hyperlinks to nature is the best, while the general webmaster in the chain, which are in favor of it can send the chain links. So, we want to know how to do a hyperlink, we must first understand clearly how to do rival hyperlinks, use what is the anchor text word. So not only can let you use the same word chain anchor text, but also know what your opponent is optimization keywords, then node >

analysis of the two and the quality of the chain

matchThe quality of the

, a

three, opponents of the use of

has the role of the chain is very large, site to get good rankings factors outside of the chain is essential, I haven’t seen no site outside the chain can get good rankings, unless it is popular to keywords or No one shows any interest in it, is the artificial intervention. For the normal site optimization for ranking, the chain is very important. The hair of the chain, most of the webmaster with several methods, forum, blog, love is nothing more than the products of Shanghai commonly used method. How do the chain is the most effective? The author thinks that learning the hair of the chain with the opponent is ranked the most direct and effective improvement. Today the talent network talk about how to send the chain with the opponent learning.

The analysis of the source of the opponent chain

with the opponent to learn how to send the chain would first need to know what is the source of the chain of the website, forum, blog, source of love Shanghai or other products. When the opponent know the source of the website chain, you can also according to the opponent of the chain platform as well as in its own platform to do the chain. For example, in view of rival website, found that most of the competitors outside the chain is derived from a blog, then we can register a number in this blog, first do not rush, such as raising the blog was collected for a period of time, can be more than a week to do outside the chain, so as not to affect the my blog has not been included on the hair of the chain, the chain had more hair has no effect. Therefore, a careful analysis of the source of the opponent chain, the chain release platform through the view and his opponent, also released in the above.

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