Lu Songsong analysis of Shanghai dragon combat blog

framework from the framework for brother song very good blog, the overall layout for the home page list (news, share news, webmaster webmaster terminal) – the content page, including blog Daquan, webmaster tools, loose software the loose brother’s website in the navigation bar, its main purpose is to weight driven by two and improve the site traffic, attention in the navigation at the end we can clearly see the "map" two words, obviously the reason why the site map here is to let the search engines as soon as possible, and also can play a role in navigation.

Hello, is that I love everyone, see flowers bloom Yan of the harvest, today to bring you the tutorial is Lu Songsong (song brother) blog, and not for everyone to look at the play of Kazakhstan, the most important is the song brother blog to a Shanghai dragon combat to explain, hope that we can learn the real what.



loose framework

in the course of the "Shanghai dragon" from A to Z explain in detail we know Shanghai dragon is composed of three core content, + the + chain frame = Shanghai dragon, which I believe we don’t have any objection, the harvest today mainly from the three aspects to analyze Lu Song Matsuhiro.


open web site map I found is indeed in the Internet network expert, site map, a look that is very professional, we look at the pictures will know.

song brother site map is not simple Oh!

from the picture we can know clearly oriented home page links in the webmaster, good to share news, this month the hottest and most new messages, tag, these links we can carefully think, all links are included in the loose blog link (not download and others). That is to say you publish in any section of the article will appear on the home page, which is consistent with the structure of Shanghai is also the custom of love, home page list page content, the most important is loose in the home place with tag tags, believe that the estimates do blog will add


and navigation after we look at the middle part of the home page, the top is the most conspicuous notice, here are generally linked to the "news station" under the new article, the layout of the home page as below.


let us look at the tail, the tail is not too much to say, one thing we most need to pay attention to is the tail of the website also has a "site map", you can imagine how stressed the pine brother site map! Suggest that you didn’t do the map hurry home to do a



through the picture we can see the site map to more important pine brother tag added.

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