Keywords analysis of the golden ratio distribution is appropriate

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core is not the main keywords, refers to the theme of the site, such as the LED light enterprise website, the website of the core keywords is LED light, the word is not in the rankings of the word search user is not our precise user.

can not stack keywords, the key is "natural", we must consider what place should put what keywords, what keywords are of concern to most users, users are most concerned about the word should do, for in what place to do, this is the key point to Ceng Xiaolong stressed.

mobile power which brand is good, you can put the inside pages, if you want to make this page better ranking, not just to write an article on it, but to send the chain, outside the station to the site to vote. This is a strategy of the.

Pan Long tail keywords, words the word expansion is very large, but these words are not put in the website optimization inside, not very realistic. If the portal is still possible, but the portal to promote contact, contact marketing. Internet traffic, the main keywords or key words for the flow rate is about 20%, and the long tail word ratio is about 80%. So this word is to selectively do, because the words are too large to filter some very relevant with the website, the user needs to do this kind of words. Words can be placed outside the station optimization, on the third the party platform, let others website become the carrier, it can bring more traffic to the.

about the golden ratio, I think is the aesthetic significance of the proportion of allocation should be reasonable, if you choose 10 thousand and 1000 traffic flow, stand on our own point of view, of course, the more the better, there is a problem related to the number of keywords.

Three concepts:

Keywords Keywords

second main

The distribution of long tail word appropriate some of the inside pagesConclusion:



layout, keyword density is not the more the better, if the density is too high, no content, why many people are concerned about the problem of keyword density, because everyone is on the need of this. Ceng Xiaolong does not think so, the core content is only a high degree of matching, matching words that are most in need of user.

third: Pan Long tail keywords

Keywords: the first

in the case of no waste of the long tail wordFor example,

keyword is home to do keywords, such as LED lamp manufacturers, the word on the home page ranking is the main keywords, if on the inside pages can be long term, many people think that a long term is the long tail word.


anchor text, not only the main keywords, so easy to be judged as cheating,.

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