Wu Haifeng Shanghai love search webmaster is love Shanghai search party



love Shanghai Webmaster Platform as full of more than 200 Internet sites and search the only love Shanghai bridge is "customer first" service practitioner, platform by upgrading services for Internet entrepreneurs and webmasters to provide a new service experience.

Zhongguancun online technology for feedback: "for the SVIP to agree with the exclusive service, hope can exchange follow-up similar to higher frequency high organization."

convenient service has won numerous praise the person in charge of the site:

2017 love Shanghai Webmaster Platform VIP club service upgrade. The condensed Internet quality site VIP club members, provide feedback priority, website traffic, website content abnormal timely notice of violations in advance notification services, in the first half of the year we also launched a robot QA system and VIP secretarial services. At the same time, in order to make the site more clear and intuitive solution, for more activities in the form of rich VIP lecture line increase face love Shanghai search opportunity.

2017 Shanghai proposed new "love Search Search" concept, in addition to love Shanghai mobile search to the site every day are billions of magnitude Web traffic, "also improved let website to get more benefit from the customer first" service "and" listen to the needs of users to bring products,

for a strategic partner of SVIP users love Shanghai search online platform to open more than 24 hours of special service mode, provide targeted analysis and exclusive customized solutions, and open the "visit" mechanism, let SVIP enjoy the full range of services more timely.


way tiger car top feedback: "first.


love Shanghai web search executive director Wu Haifeng had announced: "the master is love Shanghai search party", indeed, in recent years, the love relationship between Shanghai and the head of the occurrence of subtle changes, from closed to open to the public, with service mentality in the face of the webmaster, good service website, let you can concentrate on the website provides good content is the priority among priorities of win-win cooperation to improve Internet ecosystem.

2017, Shanghai love search and SVIP sites have more two-way communication, visit the SVIP search service, expert group has gone through 4 provinces and cities nationwide 12 sites, and the person in charge of operations and personnel in-depth exchanges and help solve the problem of Web site, dozens of website optimization problems.


comprehensive upgrade service club Ctrip ] to service the acclaimed

product feedback: "face-to-face communication more efficient, hope to communicate regularly with our employees, but also gave us many new ideas" website optimization and product innovation

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