The hearts of more complex search engine cheating and anti cheating sinister lakes

this means that if only a handful of sites to control a handful of people in a certain size range of small scale operation, never paid close attention to the search engine, cheating in a long period of time muffled fortune, so that search engine pioneer claimed by cheating cheating is often really earn a lot of money, this is not only because of any technical system tolerate certain data deviation, but also because such behavior is far from universally condemned, not enough to kill Ping Minfen ".


search engine cheating in love Shanghai "search engine optimization guide" in 2 words, is that "any use and enlarge the search engine strategies by means of obtaining malicious defects, inconsistent with the" quality rankings, caused by the quality of search results and user search experience will be decreased as the search engine cheating behavior." Because of the "perfect system actually does not exist".

if there is no search engine, you (yet) will do


but not all "special technology for search engines and do immediately by the search engine search engine sanctions, not only to determine whether you are conscious of behavior for search engines to do so through a period of time; at the same time, it needs more time to judge the behavior of common special technology harm — whether has spread to a great threat to the point of the search engine, according to the" love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2 "argument is:" (cheating) the most basic definition of law, is the flood is, whether it will affect the search system, ultimately hurt (majority) users search experience".

search engine for cheating so late to hit with a Kunming words, is "stealing cattle did not catch, catch the pile". Summed up the whole good, because "cattle" even if they have to be punished, "

but the paper is always hold fire "endless desire – fire from cheating in pursuit of money fame, there will always be a secret secret, especially in the highly commercialized today, so can bring huge commercial interests in technology to spread speed is obviously faster, and the popularization and application of large area such non conventional technology, the search engine ranking technical defects are constantly enlarged, the search engine ranking fairness and rationality disappear immediately," is to endure, not "at this time, search engines will have to strike non conventional techniques like the attack.


is always a hot topic on the Internet ?

search engine spam

all the search engine cheating is the highest standard of judgment: "if there is no search engine, you (yet) will do so? Or that a certain method is just to search engine with

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