The Shanghai dragon optimization experience sharing

two, www.***贵族宝贝 Home Furnishing beauty Lele love Shanghai weight analysis (to name ten):



said the Shanghai dragon, a lot of people will say to regularly update the article, to write the original article, at least also must be original. According to Shanghai dragon, in all industries, the electronic commerce website is the first to recognize its value and focus on the promotion of the industry, Shanghai dragon of electronic commerce website is the biggest sales promotion. So, how do the electronic commerce website of Shanghai dragon? What is their merits? Today, in the United States Home Furnishing Lele network as an example, the dynamic network and the lion share in the content of the Shanghai dragon optimization experience.

Key words:

three, America Lele Home Furnishing station network, this article analyzes 2012 cases: ten China furniture brand ranking 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/article_cat-1/article-5455.html

first of all, America Lele network www.***贵族宝贝 website Home Furnishing basic situation, make an overall cognition:

2, keywords China furniture, China furniture brand, China furniture ten brand, furniture brand ranking. This article uses 4 key words long tail, not more than 5, the number is more reasonable. Each of the key.

so far, more than 320 thousand of the network Home Furnishing beauty Lele in Shanghai included the number, the number included more than 630 thousand noble baby, to an operator will not to the electronic commerce website for 5 years, reached the number included, America Lele Home Furnishing network has done very successfully.

the Shanghai dragon to do optimization, title, keywords, description Title Keyword description, anchor text, link, link, the context of recommendation, navigation links, use H tags, B tags, from America Lele writing methods, we can learn a lot in the Shanghai dragon optimization techniques.


analysis showed that the weight of the love of Shanghai, in addition to the "furniture" furniture "furniture city" online shopping "" folding bed "search a huge amount of target keywords, ranking Home Furnishing beauty Lele can occupy the first, like" floor ten brand "" buy furniture what "home network" brand ranking the composite floor ten brand ranking "long tail keywords, Home Furnishing beauty Lele net rank also ranks highly ranked, ranked first.

1, title 2012 Chinese furniture Title: ten brand ranking. Judging from the title, this article is about the "ten furniture brand" and other words are supplementary to the title.

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