Xiao Quan teach you how to solve the site website is not in the home

3. solution:

(3) page outbound links too much: a link on the page can not be more than fifty, this is the webmaster get a lot of recognition, the chain is derived too much will make your website weight reduction.

: This is a trick, a keyword search, in a domain, so we can know which pages are the most important search your site search engine that you give him in which page ranking is not that you want a page when a keyword.

(1): the optimization of the site optimization excessive traces too obvious

(2) chain surge: external links in the short term add too much

2, the old site of the problem may be the following:

1. new web site home page is not the first problem is generally low value is the authoritative website. Newly built railway station, the chain and included are not many, their limited resources, the weight of a web page is generally not high. Site is not the first home page, the inside pages of the rankings than the home page. The weight of that page in the home than high, take my blog to illustrate. The original blog just set up a month, ranking the keywords of Dongguan Shanghai dragon a triumph, once rose to the top 20, but suddenly one day in the fall, site blog home page is not the first, as shown in

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second: Website Optimization Website Optimization excessive, remove excessive traces, to adjust the whole station. In addition to not frequently change the website title.

is often encountered in the forum asked site website is not in the home to do, meet this kind of problem to analyze specific issues.

(4) Links: their Links site was K, or Links and trash exchange was involved.


When the

: fourth outbound links too much: reduce page outbound links, a link to the control of the number of.

in search of Shanghai dragon Xiao Quan, home is not ranked first, but a content page ranked first, Shanghai love think of the importance of your pages are higher than your home, this time it will give you the keyword ranking you the content page. Your home page ranking is impossible to enter the front row index keywords in the content page, naturally can not find any ranking.

: the first railway station site authority value is not high: to update the original article, do website internal links and text aiming, the chain increased gradually.

third: the chain of short-term surge causes because of too much of the chain. Just wait, do not continue to be a massive increase in the chain.

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