The stationmaster must stand in the heart of altruism of website content


view all sites of success is almost success content, if your content is not successful, then your promotion will only hurt your website. So I recommend that everyone in the website content must stand in the heart of altruism point do content, whether the value of this article I wrote, after reading the user will not feel the harvest or feel a waste of time. We must first convince yourself, in fact in order to solve the problem of the user.


Of course, a lot of content

second is the content of the site is not needed by the user, the general small and medium-sized enterprises, a person responsible for the company network. In fact, the largest in Shanghai Longfeng, the challenge is the fusion of the industry, if you really understand this industry, know your users, understand your products, these things also need time to learn. If a Er has not contacted the Shanghai Dragon restaurant, suddenly you let him do you edit the site, how can he do well? How could he do the content that users need? In fact, there is a way, we send the chain in the domain of others, we have time a little, dare to play naked advertising. Put down the guard while doing their own website content, because no one to review your content. This garbage content hidden within a short period of time may not have what problem, but for the long-term development of a website is a big problem.

statement this update is not accord with the needs of the user, the content once too much, such as a business enterprise a year down the news station update three hundred or four hundred articles. The latest update of the content sink to the bottom, perhaps this part will never allow the user to see, whether it is important or not, because the user is difficult to click on your website to the search engine, is also very difficult to collect. If your website has 500 pages, click if is 50 words, that your website’s click rate is 10%. If you click on the website only 50 pages is 50, then you click is 100%. The same is to click on the search engine is the 50 view is not the same, so we must pay attention to some of the site’s weight, why always lift not up, the content of this waste is one of the important reasons.

I have seen a lot of websites have a big problem, that is the question about the content. The problem is that Shanghai dragon Er did not think, may be realized but this operation. You might ask the content of the website will have what problem? In my view there are two points, the first is the content of the web site too much, second is the content of the web site is not needed by the user. In fact, these two are well understood, the content of the website is updated, because too much, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will listen to what others say will lead to update the rankings in the learning process, a new snapshot will be very like, so give your website to update a lot of content, but the content may appear harmful. In the short term will not be a long time, but the side effects emerged.

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