You must learn to analyze the competition of the Shanghai Dragon

now with the fierce competition, seems to do a website, want not so fast before ranking up, two or three months before you can put a web site keywords do love Shanghai first second, now half a year can go up to me, especially if the competition is very fierce words, fundamental did not go up the possibility of, why? Because you are doing what others are doing, you may one day update two articles, but others also update two articles ah, but others have weight station a lot more than you do, so you can follow the butt and go only


we do when the site, I think now don’t rush to do stand, I think to do a station only one day can fix, do the station is only upload up, the website structure change, and then update the articles and send the chain so many Internet! So, especially to do some small friends practice


learn to analyze your competition is mainly to see whether a keyword many people do, whether they are Shanghai dragon, if a word, even if has great value, there are 10 words in front of the top-level domain name, is not recommended to do! Because you do this word if you go that takes a very long time, as well as using this time to find a blue ocean market, find a little keywords people do, maybe not the optimization can go up



so do the development of Shanghai dragon to now can’t just the previous method, to analyze your competitors, choose less competition to do good, for the first page of all for yourself! If you have money, not to do Shanghai Longfeng, direct love Shanghai advertising sex, Shanghai, so I didn’t need you have the technology, one of my friends in Shanghai doing promotion sex is still very successful! The future development is not the Shanghai dragon, SEM, we need to do is search engine marketing, through advertising to do the first, choose a good the sales page, so that your products will be very popular! Please keep the information from the Hong Wah business consulting.

I have the station is not too much, but his own experience can tell you one thing: don’t do those fierce words, like skin care products category, tens of thousands of people are doing, you should learn to analyze your competitors do not think a good a hot head words immediately buy the site to buy the domain name space to pick it up, so to optimize up to for a long time, unless you do not want to Shanghai by way of the dragon, there is what "levorotatory elder brother" disorderly do station group, the love of Shanghai these search engines get dizzy, and then put the we get these Adsense rankings suddenly rise suddenly dropped, ranking is not stable, said K you K you say to you, you are the first first, we do not seem to what Shanghai Longfeng right!

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