The new station in three days let love Shanghai quickly improve the three skills included weight

second, the new website content must be full of


no matter what type of website, when you attract love Shanghai spider to your site, the site must have rich content, which is a key collection, imagine if your site spider love Shanghai also came, but the spider but what content do not have to grab or crawl to a few the content of love Shanghai search engine has its own criteria, I think this site would not be accepted by the love of Shanghai, naturally want website a few days included has become a major problem. I suggest that when everyone in the line on the website must get a dozen original content, and the best content is pure text content, the content in the entrainment of links, links, first impression so as to ensure the site.

3, website column, navigation must first set in place, and the column navigation is search engine to crawl content, so we must be in the official website to attract column, navigation website is set in place before the advent of spider.

and I have set up more than a dozen sites, these sites are profitable, there have been several K June 6th, I set up a new website in three days after the start of love in Shanghai included, as shown below, I each time a new application domain name to build the website three days are included, here I share some of my views and opinions, I hope to help the new owners.

third, the new site should be submitted and included both attract spider

1 of the website, title, keywords, description must be on the first amendment in place, not second days to sleep together and think of the title of the site settings, keywords set and problems, so to modify it will affect the overall site included.

many owners in the new line after the thought is submitted to love Shanghai included, it is not wrong, but the effect is not very good, so much of my website in the on-line time are not submitted to search engines, but directly.

first, only need to modify a

The first thing

2, website template must be revised for the first time in my success, when building a new website no matter what type of website will take a website without trial procedures before the formal registration of the domain name, finally uploaded to the computer, after this new website will be able to immediately establish procedures out put into use this method is far better than to get a new domain name registration trial program 10 times.


website domain name to space remaining after the site is set up, and the first thing this time is to modify the site webmaster do, I modify the website this proposed several suggestions, a new website, many things must be in the first amendment is complete, but not to be able to fall back:

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