The reason for you to uncover the Sina blog the chain is not included

from the two test can see that Sina blog weight did not abate, but for those with a text description, hyperlinks articles not included, but generally with pure text links articles will be included. After all in the Sina blog the chain, do not take a text or hyperlinks, text directly on the line, some people will ask, why the article with draw text and hyperlinks will be included? This strange phenomenon temporarily no way for you to answer, but also need to go further study.




today I apply for three Sina blog account, and blog, called the A blog, B blog, C blog, and then use the three blog to do the two test. First of all, in the online to copy three articles, links are removed, and then randomly put a paper published in the three blog, about an hour or so, the three blog articles are included, can see the Sina blog included is very fast. (Figure

believes that most of the Shanghai dragon ER third party blog the chain will be the first choice of Sina blog, because the other third party blog should have a period of time will be included, while Sina blog is basically apply for an account, just released an article will soon be included, is currently the fastest among the third party blog. But recently, everyone may find now Sina blog was included as before, published articles are not included, so that everyone has been Sina blog search engine right down, really is the search engine drop right? NO!!! Sina blog weight is still high, please we continue to look down.



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and I once again found a three article, respectively the second test of the three blog, insert a text description, and then posted on the A blog article, insert a hyperlink in the B blog article then released, insert a text link in C blog article then, an hour later, as a result of this testing, A blog and B blog articles have not been included, the C blog article was collected. (Figure

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