The thought of love from Shanghai 6 22 6 28 update interpretation


imperceptibly, No. 6.22-6.28 6.28-7.2 a week, five days, occurred in a wide range of adjustment of the day in Shanghai, on the day 7.2, LEE published on these updates, and also explain the love of Shanghai in June 22nd and June 28th, the two day of what happened, what about these I say, after all, after such an adjustment, his website is also in the ranks, but also look forward to love Shanghai can reply to my weight, then in July 2nd LEE issued a notice to do some of their own feelings.

see remedies, can not help but think of love Shanghai to restore some sites by weight of complaints, remember in the group saw, said complaints website can still, sometimes a good website can regain weight by the complaint, but if there are hundreds of thousands of websites at the same time. Complaints can be predicted, when LEE said the method, let us think this is the end of the way.


finally, love Shanghai illustrates the remedial method, specific screenshots of

what about the above announcement, I still have a certain feeling, how to say, love Shanghai this update and explanation, let the author self.

above is the screenshot, can see, after the two major adjustments, basically the site appeared before a site drop right, included after a site is K off, the two update for the vast majority of owners are not calm, to tell the truth, these updates, so that the 60 station of my own in 30 did not have to say the weight losses, when the A5 forum, we are also in Shanghai how to complain that love, love Shanghai too violent, so that the vast majority of owners, no ranking, even by the K website, to.

first, LEE explained what happened, specific screenshots of



these screenshots from on the other hand, for the sake of our love of Shanghai is the majority of Internet users, and then K it off that cheat page (or site), well, for the user, this made no Naik, since love in Shanghai in the eyes of the user is the user, but I have seen the on the other side of Shanghai, love of the adjustment, update strength is too large, feel that there are some places to do too much, now the largest part lies in the old station or old station, whether acquisition or pseudo original, rankings are just, and some of the original site is not serious love the sea K fate, this time to see this sentence also felt too funny.

what’s next, LEE explains why love Shanghai adjustment, specific screenshots of

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