Where is the significance of the platform site safety inspection

1, the website owner can fully grasp the site safety information in a timely manner.



, a 360 site safety inspection platform

site security is getting more and more attention by people, in order to put the comprehensive information reasonable show to the user, website security is considered to be one of the priorities, gradually let users rest assured and secure access to Internet information, to create a secure Internet environment. Chinese Internet website vulnerabilities exist serious, only 35% of the site is in a safe state, 73% sites were black type implantation dark chain, 2012 attack area is more highly developed areas of telecom value-added service. Because of this, the site safety inspection platform is also rising rapidly, has become a new industry. In the new industry in which companies and what is their stand head and shoulders above others? The meaning of


The implementation of

2, 360 want more webmaster site certification.

360 site safety inspection platform is free to free form mechanism, obtained the support of users, through the inspection of the site safety, safety fully understand the website information, whether the presence of high-risk vulnerabilities, the need for timely treatment. 360 site safety inspection platform mainly for vulnerability detection, detecting Trojan, tamper detection three blocks. Through the detailed understanding of its site safety inspection information, according to the problems of reasonable treatment, to prevent the vulnerability caused by site to be a big problem, which affects the overall flow.

website, easy to be outsiders invasion, which affects the website operation, for the user and search engine dual experience is not ideal. So in order to allow site owners to more fully understand their website security, love Shanghai and webmaster tools KnownSec, launch site safety inspection tools, through detailed examination, to understand the basic information of the website, including a detailed description of the website name card, vulnerabilities, and security risk early warning, and launched a security alliance certification level division of certification classification to scanv security, 1A security alliance website security authentication, security alliance 2A safety certification (not open)

3, gradually let all people participate, gradually improve their own brand strategy direction.

360 site safety inspection platform:

two, love Shanghai security alliance certification website

1 and 360 continue to strengthen their own products and enhance the use of

website security alliance certification:

There are loopholes in the

2, website certified by security alliance, love Shanghai search results with A icon display, to fully display its website name card.

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