Dance dance charm why you make moneyHow to use blogs to make money

, when we’re making templates, it’s best to have both content and advertising outstanding, so that people can make it clear at a glance.

to contentFor example, male

, when we add content, it is best to apply for 5-6 blogs to link our content together so that it can be included. And this makes it easy for visitors to click.

fourth: ad added

these are some small money blogging I summed up the method, is actually a small product auction, then buy 5 hair products now sell to 1 yuan.

third: add

  today is very clever, at the same time, in the two Qzone saw the content of the dance club, the first is the "crazy batch of audition dance group.". The other is the video.
  by the players of the dance club; the two elements should be opposed to each other because one is against it. One is advocacy. But no matter what, it’s their business. One of the characters seems to have been overlooked. Jiuyou — officially they developed the game, and the success of the operation until now.
  why did they say they were successful? The reason is simple, but there are two aspects: first, the natural aspects of the operation, they earn money, seems to be quite a lot. They also have a large number of online users, judging by their article. Volunteers often maintain, indeed due to the excessive number of people!
  what about the other side?. Nature is the user experience, user support, user input. This is very important, with this premise, even if the game has not made money, then his future potential is enormous!
  you can create such a popular virtual world with a game, invincible strength. Since it is a popular virtual world. Naturally, one night stands, and that’s not the game’s fault. It’s the game’s success – not a casual game, with such value-added services".
  I played this game for a long time ago, just remember when you play only four fingers can not stop activities, as for the above gorgeous dance. I don’t have time to look at it at all. The price is taken up by the spectators, and it is because of the bystander that if you jump well, it will naturally attract a lot of praise — to meet the psychological needs of the people! this success, do not know your intention to plan, or a
 ; remember a classmate around, is said to spend hundreds of dollars to buy dance clothes, regardless of the family. It’s strange at first, but you can’t help but be deeply attracted by the dancing parts of the player since it’s dancing and the nudity of the lower body is normal. Indeed, this is the roar, another success, you chose the right direction! Because these dances are something that ordinary people can never try, but they can and can easily achieve satisfaction in the game.
  in addition to the dance, the lure of minors and adults consumption than the inside of the costume. This is not fresh, as far as I know, is the first to see the Tencent to do so great to meet some MM to suit the psychological needs, and do not spend too much, then RMB, the other is Hao long swim, games should have. But some people don’t succeed. What’s the reason? In fact, it has already been mentioned above. Think it over carefully.

second: product selection

when I choose the product, it is something that men like better. This one is understood by everybody. This should be defined according to our content.

fifth: blog serial

advertising on the selection of our best choice that people are easy to accept, to buy the products, this will bring good results, I is to buy their own products they sell, ha ha that are reusable products, such as video, e-books, which is cheap and easy to sell. But also can immediately receive the money, is a very good choice oh. I bought this reusable product, and then sold it at Taobao store, and then use these blogs to attract traffic, it really works.

products, my choice is to choose some kind of health website content, collected do not do what the pseudo original, direct can be put up, when we add the content of our initial best not to add the content of advertising that will be brought to the risk of the title. Also, we have to add selected content, and don’t add dew points or anything related to state politics. These can’t be put in.

we choose blog best on the blog bus, because this blog bus can customize the template, it is really convenient to use.

has made a lot of money for me by blogging and making money, and I’ll tell you about it. I hope you like

first: blog select

after we do the above steps we have to give our blog bring good traffic, we should register for various high PR blog to our blog advertising to do such drainage, earnings will be higher. I bought in the A5 blog group software worked very well, which with the series, ha ha, but registration is easy, when we finished our registered blog bus inside the content added to the bottom of the other blog posts. Don’t add it to the content, so it doesn’t work. It’s best to have the title of each article very attractive so that visitors will pay attention to it.

it’s better to choose what kind of product we want to match our blog content.

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