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guest website for almost two months, I feel more and more difficult to do station. The beginning of a period of time, busy with the construction of the site, I feel that time flies, and I am completely immersed in the joy of the station. Although the site can not bring much revenue, but my heart is full of hope for it, it is this hope, let me energetic.

this two days I have been thinking that we are actually taking Tao, Taobao and Ali mother of cheap labor, desperately promotion, only from the Taobao business that meager rebate, also scoring a share to mom. It can really rely on entrepreneurial success are few, why are there so many Amoy silently persist? Do not know the other guest is why, I do guest, is the life force, wages are not high, he thought more, the other can not find a way to make money, just try to do a guest, after all, do the Tao has less investment cost, but also by its predecessors to earn a lot of money, give me hopes and expectations. But I ignored a question may not be suitable for everyone to do guest, but a person’s time is limited, we spend too much time on one thing, it will ignore the other things in life, the success of the fine, not success may bring some negative effects on life.

3. site link, this way is the lowest cost, and can long-term, lasting, stable play a role. Use their own resources to find some types of PR value, high included good sites do friendship links.

can wait station built, long time flow can not go, no profit, and that energy seems to be weakening. Since the beginning of the Tao station, all his spare time in the above, I found myself not to repeat that, as long as the website promotion action, website traffic will suddenly fall into the bottom from Gu Feng.

1, the target keywords website changed to "Taobao sells goods", found more and more rely on the promotion to profit too tired, finally to site to have a stable flow also depends on the website optimization, let search engine traffic.

This paper mainly tells

goal: through this promotion, enhance website popularity, access to IP, PV, Alexa ranking. Through the promotion, the website real flow can enhance, achieves the sale goal.

4. advertising exchange, when the site traffic is very low, you can consider and other sites advertising exchange, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion.

1. Free promotion:

to do station novice

was busy this week and didn’t do much to promote the site, so the site didn’t have much revenue this week.

2, bought some black links, listening to friends say black chain effect is good, although doubts about its effect, but because we are new, better not to buy links, the chain price is too high, only to the black.

2. optimized for SEO. SEO has become a subject, many sites more than 60% of the traffic is caused by the search engine, the use of certain technical means non cheating, according to the search engine ranking rules, the website structure and website technology and related processing, make the site in the search results are displayed in the rankings to obtain. Get more customers click rate. For example, through text editing, improve the frequency of keyword keywords in the web page, location, writing, so as to meet the search engine program on the index of the page, to enhance the search ranking of the site. I think the technician will consider it when writing the program. But not necessarily good, do not understand SEO search, simple learning. My small station is doing optimization, hope to early row to sh419 home page.

6. every independent page is hung with statistical code, and every day timing analysis antecedents data. Timing analysis of statistical data, to understand the flow of antecedents, IP, PV, keywords, depth of browsing and so on. This is very simple, did not do the station, but also quickly understand.

1. first of all, has a perfect program, the program as far as possible to use HTM generated. The benefits of static pages 1 to speed up the page to open browsing speed 2 is conducive to search engines included. Program security is important and it is recommended to use JSP. Otherwise, PHP can also, they can not write, please help you do it, there is not much money. If you can’t find what you can trust, just come to me and I’ll help you find someone to do it. Election space.

3, Alexa Rankings have great progress, from last week’s sudden event more than 900 to about 4000000, this is the only thing that makes you feel comfort. >

5. in the major sites leave site links traces, just leave traces can, can’t be crazy to send spam, advertising. The more common way is to leave a site link in a large forum. Now many of the forums do not allow subject posts to be registered in the short term, and if he thinks you’re sending an ad, you’ll soon have to delete it. We don’t have to waste our time here. The purpose of leaving traces is to increase the reverse link of the website. To improve the weight of the website. Increase PR value, traffic.

down, or tell me about my website’s changes this week:

7. temporarily not in the main station hanging pop, couplets, floating and other types of advertising. Internet users are very much

many successful books say: "persistence is a key factor in success.". But we often forget the other words of successful scientists: "the choice of the right direction, and ultimately to reach the destination.". But most people are not saints, human life is very difficult to find a suitable for their own direction, Tao is the same, we also try to walk, really want to choose the way of Amoy friends and I have chosen the right direction,

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