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O2O specific mode in various fields has many kinds, catering, leisure, beauty and so on, has also been a lot of investment to chase, then O2O of the target population is what people? Is the aunt jump square dance aunt, or some of the young white-collar work, or is tired about workplace elite

demographic issues, scene damping is the line of life and death

we see is 70, 80 and 90 of the O2O service to accept a higher degree, the depth of the Internet crowd on the new mode of acceptance is high, from a demographic perspective, O2O or young people mainly do business, but after several young crowd scene filtering, it looked again, we’ll worry about consumers the population density and the frequency of consumption of most O2O. Of course, it may not need to worry too much, now is still in a stage of early adopters, investor money not to burn, burn more while mass culture habits may turn.

our training website is to help schools recruit students. That’s a good idea. Now the market is doing the best to join the training site is pxba we can refer to, if there is a part of the site to join as well, where you join this site even if it is successful, this is a win-win strategy. How to let you have to make money operators, which is what you should consider, it is best to do a sample market, there is a model market is good to join, but also do a good job marketing strategy. This is critical. Now the market make up the classified information to join, but the classification information website to earn money, should speak more difficult, what time is your website to make money? You this website is very famous in the local, free release of information to your website, you will be successful, it is natural to make money things. The classification of information market now join good websites are not many websites do best is 58, but it is not the bidding agent, website operators, agents have no rights to the website, advertisers can only pull. A few days ago found a website, doing well, optimization is also good. You can refer to, China Information Port xxgang, to join the site, we must optimize the site, and now there are many sites have joined, but do not understand the website optimization. Surely not. I think the real estate network, food and beverage network, fast-food network can be joined, I just give you a way of thinking, you can look carefully.

massage, foot massage, door-to-door door-to-door beauty, overnight all the door, the door is really strong demand, this is true or false demand demand? Let us analyze the outbreak of O2O and development.


Offline must be practical to see, the line should also be divided into family, store, community and company of different service scenarios, different service scenarios make a huge difference in strength and psychological resistance requirements, also means that the establishment of O2O model under different scenarios of the difficulty of the huge difference. Take the family scene for example, families with children tend to parents at home, most home service basically will not be the last generation to accept, do their own cooking, housework do their best not to strangers through the door, the scene basically blocked most of the O2O, of course, home wash or can etc..


There are many ways to make money in

CCTV 315 has been in the past, the gun, not in the gun are relieved, and the electricity supplier business was laughing, because the prime minister replied to reporters when asked to support and escape, happiness came too suddenly, you are at a loss what to do. O2O as prime minister was behind the field, have been very happy, Europe Pu Yuan billion brother swarthy little face flashed, over the past one or two years, the development speed of O2O is blowout, pent up ten years of business the last mile problem put the Buddha overnight release.


networks. You don’t want to participate in network marketing. Those who wear pajamas can earn thousands of dollars a month. They are deceptive tricks. Or pragmatic, good, do not always think of nothing for nothing. If there is such a good thing, who will work as a worker, you say?.

made a website to flow up, making money on GG advertising is a good method to flow up very difficult, you need to understand the site optimization, if you are a more powerful SEO, you will earn a lot of money, at least is a middle class. I think joining a website is a better way to make money. Now when the financial crisis, to find work, many people want to start, we can develop a website, the website must have a perfect profit model, can not engage in a waste site for others to join. It’s better to have a company so that people who join you will believe you. Do what website is better? The website with stronger locality is stronger. One is information websites, and the other is training websites. I just provide a train of thought. You can also dig out a lot of regional websites. The training class website, I feel better profitability, because more and more people require retraining, and training schools are also more and more, the training school is now the most difficult problem is if the enrollment, enrollment, the school must make money.

massage, foot massage, door-to-door door-to-door beauty, overnight all the door, the door is really strong demand, this is true or false demand demand? The outbreak of O2O is essentially a demographic problem, on-site service poisoning too deep, pimp business model how to through

Internet generation is the importance of time cost, easier for on-site service to pay, the two branch of the O2O is the retail and service, retail O2O close to the electricity supplier delivery service, O2O belongs to the non standard service, O2O is a relatively high rate of profit.

hopes this article will help you make more money.

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