Cattle sland registered companies do not operate careful license revokedFive cases tell you why is


company, the company has not been opened for more than 6 months without justified reasons, or has ceased operating for more than 6 months after the opening of the company, and has not made any zero declaration.

in addition to this case, are there any other circumstances that will result in the suspension of the business license?

for the business sector, there is no annual report of the enterprise, it must be the focus of inspection over the next period of time. Often, companies without annual reports usually have only two cases:

1, the submission of false materials or other means of fraud to conceal important facts to obtain the company, branch registration, which will be directly revoked license.

cattle Island reminded the majority of entrepreneurs friends, the revocation of the license is not equivalent to cancellation of enterprises. In accordance with the relevant provisions of our country, the business license shall be declared within 15 days from the date of the revocation of the business license, and the cancellation of tax registration shall be made. After the tax has been cancelled, the enterprise shall then go to the industrial and commercial department for cancellation of the registration.

in accordance with the provisions of the sixty-seventh regulations of the company registration administration, the business sector may directly revoke the enterprise’s business license.

for entrepreneurs, if blacklisted is only a "warning", then the cancellation of the business license is undoubtedly sentenced to death penalty". By the business sector to pull black, there may be restored, but was revoked the business license, you can only write off again. And a careless, even have no chance to start over.

recently announced a new media group will be launched in January 2015 and will be officially put into operation. The evening of October 15th, Lenovo announced that it would set up a brand new subsidiary, fully based on the Internet platform to build China’s leading Internet model smart terminals and services business. The company will start operations on April 1, 2015 and will have an independent company name and brand new brand……


2 involves the forging, alteration, leasing, lending, transfer of the company or the business license of a branch, and the business department may revoke its business license directly.

After the establishment of the When

so, how did the business sector find these troubled companies,

sh419 "yes",


business normally fails to declare time because the material is poorly prepared or forgotten to declare.

yes, of course. But the following list is, to some extent, a category of illegal business practices.


in the era of great changes in the mobile Internet, mobile, Lenovo Group such a large company also accelerated the pace of their own innovation.

therefore, the probability of failure of new projects in general large companies is very high. In the Internet industry, often large companies do innovative products to do, but start-up companies, big companies inside failed products can be said to be "countless bones", I dark horse to comment on:

In this case,

in 2017 according to the latest news, reporting time extended from the previous 3~6 months for 1~6 months, after July 1st, the annual examination of the enterprise information will not be allowed to declare, change.

is usually included in the "business exception list" by the business sector". Generally need to pay the annual report, if the information is no problem, you can apply for removal, but may be accompanied by a corresponding fine.

cattle Island niurendao tells you, annual inspection is the key!

sh419 has been thinking about how to carry commercial traffic that is not available. From sh419 side, sh419 ah, to Philharmonic live, as well as sh419 maps, sh419 has been in the field of O2O exploration, but the results are not satisfactory. By the end of 2010, the local living service products sh419 side beta, sh419 has released the life channel to test the water, local life service. March 2011, there ah mall closed, the official transformation of life service platform. However, sh419 has, ah, living development has not reached the outside expectations. In order to have more autonomy, by the end of 2011, ah, from sh419 spin off, and later changed to Philharmonic live. But Philharmonic is not a success. O2O has gradually dominated the mobile Internet, the advantages of the lower end of the line, the Internet side has not dominant, because users want to enjoy services anytime, anywhere, the following is the "sh419" ah, the reason for the failure

3 violates laws and regulations in production and operation. For example: in violation of the "advertising law" for false propaganda, in violation of the "product quality law" production quality substandard products, as well as engaged in business beyond the business license, business scope, etc.. This is also the focus of 3.15 annual crackdown dealt with.

shlf1314 senior engineer IT, the best-selling book "top of the wave" author Wu Jun put forward an impressive "gene determinism", that is due to the effect of gene, when a large company to occupy new areas to make the transition, when disruptive innovation, often lose very miserable, for example: Motorola, NOKIA, Intel, Microsoft, although occupy the undisputed monopoly position in the industry, but as times change, after the industry revolution, are different degrees of decline, big company system innovation dilemma has become the norm.


Jack Welch when talking about this issue once said: "the first year of the new production line management to a value of $50 thousand, compared to a $500 million sales enterprise twentieth years more difficult".

do innovation in large companies, people are full of expectations, will also have a question, a big company in innovation when to involve too many things they do, innovation can really succeed?

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