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reports. In twenty-first Century ten years ago seems to be Steve · Jobs’s one-man show, and after his untimely death last year, there are many media in the eyes of "the next Jobs" have emerged. Speaking of the leader of the 2012 Silicon Valley, I put my vote for Jack Dorsey Jack · Dorsey founder Twitter and Square two companies. The annual Tech Crunch Disrupt Jack Dorsey election this year to do keynote speaker speaker, but also indirectly illustrates the choice of the most authoritative voice here.

let alone Silicon Valley, not even the United States, even if the whole world, I see, can be called "Superman" is only two: Jack, Dorsey and Elon Musk Li Jun is not the Secretary. Can simultaneously manage two high-speed trains, in addition to Nissin Trinidad drive outside to work 16 hours a day and night, more important is the moment the mind calm, stable overall situation.

Pingwest, in addition to technology, products and companies, entrepreneurs, individuals, and especially legends, are also chapters in the pioneering story,

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two big companies in hand, Superman does not stop,

, according to Peter Thiel, Jack Dorsey is experiencing an over growth from teenage geeks to prime entrepreneurs. First of all, the man can basically be counted as "the first handsome guy in Silicon Valley", which can be seen from the endless discussion of his girlfriend on the internet. In his public image is quite sloppy, hair never comb, was wearing a nose ring and tattoo punk. But now he has become very decent, and perhaps that means a shift from inspiration, passion, work to the orderly construction of a business empire.



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Twitter was founded 6 years ago, the world’s influence has no longer say Jack Dorsey you know Sina micro-blog to solve many problems of the official China? Now it has become a mature company, but Jack Dorsey said IPO was not his only goal. "IPO can be a goal to be the end of this whole venture, but it can be just a critical milestone, and I hope he’s more of the latter. If we think when the time is right, we will naturally meet the milestone." Twitter current CEO Dick Costolo also expressed a similar vague statement.

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