Network hedgehog Menue Ye Renhao refused to do the rich two generationsShare experience with Taobao

2. website keyword density should be high, if you want to optimize the website green vegetables fruit diet capsule this word, then in the web page more appear these words a few times, the best title also appear.

but BBS posting propaganda, propaganda, build blog, write soft propaganda, almost every method used all over, didn’t see income rise, in the heart is really very disappointed. When I was to leave Taobao off, I suddenly thought, I can’t give up, I will stick to it, Sima Qian wrote by castration "historical records", Goethe took 60 years to write Faust, they are not stick to it has made great efforts to

‘s father said, "are you crazy? Are you sick? He always wanted me to be a lawyer, a doctor, or a bank clerk.". He always advised me to go back to school and even say, "you want to build a new company, you can go back to school first.".



my experience has been shared, and my new website is the weight loss manual jianfeibook/. If you think it’s OK, reprint it and save a link for me,

The chain

Taobao off for 3 months, to see Ali mother forum to share the experience of predecessors about every day, they like by Taobao customers earn thousands or even tens of thousands of monthly income, heart is really envy or not, dream about the day can like the master that the monthly income of 10000 yuan, even if only a few thousand dollars can also be

at that time, Microsoft was very strong in the game industry. It looked for potential programmers everywhere and paid very high salaries. And Microsoft means more opportunities for geeks. My programmer was turned away like this.

4. must adhere to, you are not successful, does not mean you will not succeed later, but you give up now, it also means you failed. You feel confused now, but is included poor, no traffic and not to earn money, but you have to know the search engine has a sandbox, it is for the new test, this period website ranking is not very good, but as long as you go through this period, you will feel included will increase to obtain the very good ranking.

was still working on computer games, I returned to Hongkong to work full-time at China Network when my partner was in America and we communicated via the Internet


When I was 16 years old, I saw the news of Netscape, the world’s first Internet listed company, in a cafe outside the campus of Tulane University, from today’s america. I realized that the Internet was real, though no one knew what the Internet was. I became very excited and decided to drop out of school.


so I recruited my partner online and finally got a programmer. He’s very clever, he’s programmed himself. He’s strange. A man from New York has never been to New York. He was 14 years old, and I was 16 years old. Everybody said, "start a business together," and then we’ll be together. We are going to develop a computer game, hoping it will become popular, but there is no money. My father came to see me, and he said that your computer was too slow…… He gave me 3000 dollars. I used this money to buy a notebook.

, I said, no.. My father introduced me to his friends when I was 10 or 11 years old. Many of his friends are rich in the two generation. The rich two generations of decision makers at home are always older, even though the two generation has been 30, 40, and 50 years old, and they can only listen to dad or grandpa. I don’t want to decide my life. I have my own ideas. I want to become rich by myself.

dictating / Ye Renhao finishing / entrepreneur, journalist and Yang

1. the best choice of targeted, such as the name of some Taobao customers selling products, such as green vegetables and fruit slimming capsules and so on, high commission, and also searches, the conversion rate is high.

I didn’t feel particularly frustrated because we did something and talked and talked with people. For me, starting a business has become a reality. Before that, I didn’t know anything about starting a business, and many things were just in my mind. It’s fair to meet Microsoft. I think it’s a good learning experience.

3. website to be strong, a SEO master once said that content is king, the chain for the emperor, to know that the chain is very important for SEO, the source of the chain is generally Links, soft, BBS signature, buy links etc..

so I took the time to do a web site, every day hard to add data, add the chain, but also to webmaster learning your predecessors SEO technology. After sh419 included more traffic, have changed much, a few days before finally a single transaction, earn 200 yuan, can give me heart broken! A few months of hard work paid off, it is called a heart have mixed feelings.

I dark horse introduction, he braved the "two generations of rich" aura, but from the difficult environment to stand out; give up their studies, decided to embark on their own entrepreneurial road. In the Internet era of "contention of a hundred schools of thought", "network hedgehog" Ye Renhao has his own unique views and vision, and from his prosperity and development process into his entrepreneurial life.

source: I dark horse network

? Keywords

after making money, not happy alone, immediately to share experience, for the site of Taobao SEO, I also summed up some of the experience for your reference:

initial venture


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