Data analysis put Ali mom new buyers the most appropriate advertisingAlliance network to expand thin

      give everyone a thinking question to expand ourselves!

      please respond directly to this post to participate in thinking activities.

      gossip, these data are to see Ali mother official background data to do the overall analysis, to share with you webmaster, we can adjust as appropriate. Don’t say I told you so!

      if you have 10000 clients plugins, please tell me how you can use them to get the highest yield.

      this topic is only for expanding thinking to discuss, do not recommend practical operations, after all, detrimental to the user experience.

      in addition, Ali mother will be a new ad tomorrow big buyer, you can consider changing try. This blog in this article: Ali mother brought three good news introduced, webmaster feel happy can go to see.

      1, a few large buyers, the webmaster choose Alipay and search advertising, the largest number. Guess why? That is because Alipay search and advertising price:

      2; click through rates; overall, ad clicks for groups and search are relatively high. Alipay is the lowest. 17wata guess the reason? Group advertising is more relaxed, there are mm "endorsement", and less text, concise; search billboards, relatively relaxed. And there are specific prizes to attract. Alipay billboard, although there are millions of awards as a selling point. However, the dark, let users do not click on desire… Therefore, advertising optimization is also very important point. Webmaster should pay more attention to.

      share at the same time you will have a harvest, but you will feel the road farther and wider.

      17wata and share with you how to choose to put mom 4 new buyers of the most appropriate advertising, pay attention to the Ali Mama friends want to know some time ago mom added 4 new buyers purchasing activities, here to analyze what kind of big buyers put more advertising to make money.

      please send your ideas to share with you.

      for good ideas, we will reward Adsense 468_60, rotate advertising week,

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