Dialogue on bitter ghost feet seven and a seller with annual sales of 50 millionNine wins the Commis

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I asked, "how many years have you been in Taobao?"

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"how much was 2012 sales?"

"if we don’t do it, the industry will soon be dominated by Japanese, European and American brands.". I still have this idea in mind and do a good job of China’s own brand. In fact, it is difficult to do its own brand, but it is difficult for us to adhere to."

"what about 2011?"



"you two categories of small change too fast, very difficult to familiar with this industry, it changed the new, there will be categories of small two, do not understand the industry knowledge, arbitrary command."… "

"to see people brush sales, I also report that no one accepted, I may not have so much evidence, then no way I can also brush a baby, but I’m a brush would be identified to be punished… …

"about 25000000?"


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here are some excerpts of the chat:

text / Taobao ghost feet seven

"you ask me questions, I’ll send them back and help them as much as possible.". But, as you say, it’s difficult to do cable work under the line, and the difficulties in doing it online. Maybe we think these difficulties are inevitable, and we won’t feel so miserable."

really, every Taobao merchant

"50 million" or so, should be the category first."

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

"we more than 100 people, finally through an explosion of drill exhibition, train train, a day to sell more than 100, but also a small team of one of his businesses with similar goods, one day sell more than 500, how can not brush it… …

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"we in this industry, a lot of irresponsible businesses, it is fake, and so continue the industry again… "

"pain, these unfair competitions have affected our life and death problems."."


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"we tried three months ago, and spent about 1000000 to build a burst of money, when Tmall conducted quality control new regulations, because the packaging text failed, it was deleted to me directly, I can only cry ah."… …


"is it so painful? Have you considered changing your industry or direction?"

participated in the annual meeting of the Beijing net business organization of the network power organization. After leaving the train, she joined the Xu Xu of the beauty hall and chatted on the road. Xu is Shandong people, very straightforward, very honest. Talking about their home business, talking about collagen, talking about brush sales, talked about his pain.

"from the end of 2009."

"the growth has been good and doubled. Do you feel miserable in 2012?"

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